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Released on = May 21, 2007, 5:11 am

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Press Release Summary = ABDOUL ART \'\' Wake up in The morning\'\'
Debut CD Single Press Release

05/ 2007

Artist: Abdoul Art
Titel:Wake up in the Morning
Producer:Abdoul Art
Released: 2007

After the short successful appearance of the roots reggae artist Abdoul art
originaly from Marrakesh Morocco and his reggae group The Herbalitz in
Berlin a few years ago,his is back with a big tunes debut CD single which
have all the ingredients of the roots reggae ,featuring tracks such,
1.Wake up in The morning
2.Dread man in the to rive
Beautiful voice influenced by Morocco traditional chante
specially the Gnawa music, unique solide reggae riddims and conscious lyrics
witch speack about his strugle in his early hard days in Berlin , recorded and
mixed in Berlin , produced by Abdoul Art and Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe
at Sounds Masters in London appeared on his independent reggae
Label Humble Sounds Records.
With this beutifell conscious reggae debut single,the artist Abdoul Art is rising
to be a new current sensation in the reggae world to day.
Wake up in The morning CD is a must for all serious reggae buyers and any
one want to descover this new conscious reggae music full of good vibes .

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Press Release Body = About The Artist ABDOUL ART

Boucetta Moulay Abderrahman (artist name: Abdoul Art) was born in Marrakesh,
Morocco into a traditional musical family. Inspired by his parents\' long-established
style he started to sing and play from an early age.
While growing up he observed the social problems around him, and realizing that
his family was also a victim of injustice, he developed a critical eye on the situation
in his own country.
Abdoul left school and started to work. He read about history and the liberation
At this time South Africa was suffering under apartheid and the images on TV caused
rebelliousness grow. He became active in local youth and social organizations. He
was also
very athletic and served an apprenticeship with a local sports club.
In 1990, a few years after his father died, he decided to immigrate to Europe. So he
quit his
job in a hotel and travelled to Rome.
For the first time the young African found himself confronted with a new world.
As an immigrant with no residence permit, life became hard and was a daily struggle.
He tried his chances in sport again and signed a contract a semi-professional athlete
with AS Roma. He achieved some success but retired from competitive sport a year
His Dreadlocks started to grow and he sold souvenirs to tourists in the street,
risking arrest. He had to run from the police several times.
In December 1993 he left Italy and moved to Berlin. In the next few years he found
confronted with racism and the harsh weather.
The artist known as Abdoul began his career just like every other music fan. He
to the radio, went to clubs and bought the music that interested him. His musical
include Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Alpha Blondy.
He started composing and singin his own songs. In 1996 he built a rehearsal room in
the basement of the house he was living in and invited musician friends to play and
his songs with him.
In 1998 he joined the band Yadiss as lead vocalist and won the \"Best Song\" award in
a music
competition organized by the Berlin Senate. He then recorded three of his songs in
demo quality.

In 2000 he founded his own band The Herbalitz and performed live for the first time.
Within six months
he gave four concerts, including the Yaam Open Air Festival (Mama Africa) in
September 2001.
Following this local success he withdrew in order tocontinue composing and
developing his powerful voice.

He looks always forward.

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Contact Details = HumbleSoundsRecords
Ceo/ Boucetta My Abderrahman (Abdoul Art)
Jasmunder str.3
13355 -Berlin Germany

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