New Webzine Launched about Day-to-day Life as an Anglophone Expat in Paris

Released on = May 3, 2007, 10:40 am

Press Release Author = Prissy Mag

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = American Expat Priscilla Lalisse, who has lived in Paris for
over eight years, has launched a webzine on day-to-day Parisian life. Based on
experiences of Anglophones living there, Prissy Mag gives its readers a unique
glance into what it's like to be an actual full-time resident in the most visited
city in the world.

Press Release Body = The writers of Prissy Mag offer very personal articles, which
chronicle the French experience through Anglophone eyes. The principal topics of the
magazine include sections called What's Hot and What's Not, which recommends (or
not) fun places, people, and boutiques. The Arts section is handled daily by the
internationally known art I V Y paris. Beyond Paris takes its readers outside of
Paris, mostly to other European cities. Close-Ups presents the readers with opinions
from Les Franais (native Parisians), artists, expats living in the capitol, and
even do-gooders section called Living Heroes.

Prissy Mag also offers something extra; a section called Love Lives in which the
magazine delves into the subject of love (and loss) in the city of light. The
L'amour Paris, Ask Madame, It happened to Me, Catch of the Month and Hook Me Up
sections are already garnering much interest. "I thought it was important to feature
every aspect of life in Paris, not just museums and art galleries, but real life
situations," she says.

Indeed Prissy Mag is not a standard tourist guidebook to Paris; its primary audience
is the other expats who've made Paris their home, or the visitors who have been to
Paris or dream to come, and are continually interested in all things French. Lalisse
hopes that people of all ages, especially women living in and outside of Paris, will
be able to relate to the articles, or at least learn something about what daily life
in Paris can entail. "It's a lot different when you live here, versus when you come
here as a tourist", Lalisse points out. "This is what Prissy Mag is all about."

Web Site =

Contact Details = Priscilla Lalisse
Prissy Mag Editor & Founder
Stateside Address: 174 M.L.K. Jr.Drive
Heflin, AL 36264
Tel. 256.463.7950
Number in France: 011-33-6-31-49-65-04

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