U.S. firm lowers the boom on diversity training...


Released on = May 10, 2007, 5:12 pm

Press Release Author = Lolicia Dickson

Industry = Internet-Online

Press Release Summary = U.S. firm offers fresh approach; low pricing; and quality content to diversity-related training. Opportunity to close the perception gaps exists for individual as well as businesses and organizations. New concepts to diversity delivered to your favorite desktop.

Press Release Body = U.S. firm, H-Capital Management, lowers the boom on diversity training to individual level with Diversity Learner Maps; has a lofty goal of closing the perception gap related to "diversity". Claims to be the only company to deliver experiential diversity-related training to your computer. They also position that individuals should have an opportunity to learn about diversity-related concepts beyond their employer initiatives in a more comfortable environment.

Using concept mapping and innovative models they hope to have change the way diversity-related training can be delivered and taught. They are so confident in the approach that they offer "virtually" unlimited diversity training per download. They claim that no other diversity-related training can compete with their per-person pricing and deliver the same level of quality. They encourage users to download and then compare to their current organizational training or an upcoming diversity conference. They also encourage sharing of information with your diversity consultant to see what they think and then compare with the quality of their content and concepts.

Web Site = http://www.h-cm.net

Contact Details = Lolicia Dickson, Secretary
950-23 Blanding Blvd
Orange Park, FL 32065



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