Released on = June 25, 2007, 1:14 am

Press Release Author = Kristi Patrice Carter

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Clicker training is a positive and effective training method
that you can use to rid of your dog of unwanted behaviors and strengthen the
human/canine bond. Visit today!

Press Release Body = Owning, caring for and training a dog are privileges, but can
also pose a considerable challenge. Many dog owners are frustrated by their
inability to control their dog's behavior and some resort to harsh training methods
to regain control. By visiting Kristi Patrice Carter's new website , you can learn the secrets of dog clicker training - an
easy, gentle way of training your dog.

"It saddens me to see people inhumanely treating animals," says Kristi. "Although I
understand that in many cases, people just don't understand how else to handle their
dog, it is so hard to watch people treat their animals poorly." It's for these
reasons that Carter created her new site.

Kristi Patrice Carter is the author of many sites, including, and is
an expert at communicating information. Her new site is no different. Visitors to
the recently-launched site can read about the principles of dog clicker training and
how to apply these to their own pooch. With a plethora of articles, all written in a
friendly, easy-to-read style, dog owners the country over will leave Carter's site
armed with a wealth of new information.

"The principles of dog clicker training, which some people call by the technical
term of operant conditioning, are really simple. I feel that if people are offered a
simple solution that is explained clearly, they will use it." Carter's new site
lists the basics of dog clicker training and recent developments of the technique,
as well as outlining the supplies you will need to clicker train your dog.

Laid out in a logical manner, dog owners will find the information about how to get
started with clicker training their furry friends easy to understand and apply.
Carter explains how to "charge" your dog to the clicker, in readiness for further
training. "Essentially, you are asking your dog to become attuned to the noise the
clicker makes. You can then begin training using the clicker. Your overall aim is to
eliminate bad behavior and encourage the good."

Carter's site acts as a great point of reference for dog owners who want to
establish a more balanced owner-pet relationship, without resorting to harsh and
inhumane treatment. "I hope that visitors to my site are as excited as I am about
this incredible method of training," Kristi enthuses. "The evidence suggests this
form of training works really well and doesn't lead to the breakdown of spirit in
either the dog or owner."

Visit Kristi's new site at to learn more about this
incredible training method.

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Contact Details = Kristi Patrice Carter
KPC Publishing Company
Voicemail/Fax: 866-293-8001
831 West Maple Avenue
Homewood, Illinois 60430

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