Christopher Bean Coffee Makes $80,000 Donation

Released on = June 23, 2007, 7:08 am

Press Release Author = Mark Geallis / Christopher Bean Coffee Co

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = A miss timed order from America\'s fastest growing premium
coffee company to Safeway grocers has been turned into an opportunity to help our
Military, Firefighters and the Homeless.

Press Release Body = Daytona Beach, Florida - June 22, 2007 - This week Firefighters
in Phoenix and Houston, the homeless in Denver along with the men and women of the
Texas National Guard and their families through the Fort Worth Naval Air Station
will begin receiving coffee donated by Christopher Bean Coffee Company. Over 10,000,
12 oz. bags of gourmet coffee were in 4 Safeway grocery warehouses across the
country for the introduction of Christopher Bean Coffee in Safeway, Tom Thumb and
Randall's grocery stores.

The roll out of the new gourmet coffee line was delayed from spring until summer but
the coffee had already been shipped. Company President Chris Brown said "We have
built a loyal customer base across the country by offering only premium coffee
blends and flavored coffee that is top quality because of the fresh roasting. We did
not want to offer anything less to Safeway, Tom Thumb or Randall's customers, so
rather than letting the coffee sit in the warehouse for 6 weeks I asked Safeway
corporate to allow us to replace it with fresh coffee for the July roll out and to
let us donate the earlier shipments to the members of military, public servants, and
food banks."

Christopher Bean Coffee Company worked with Jay Evans of the Air Force Reserve
Command Family Readiness Program in Fort Worth and Thomas Cullum, at the Tom Thumb
Distribution Center to coordinate the donation to the Fort Worth NAS. Christopher
Bean's Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geallis said "We have an ongoing program
of supporting the troops through our neighboring Georgia National Guard Reserve
units in Savannah. They tell us that coffee is vital to their success and that
quality coffee is rarely available in Iraq or Afghanistan. When we were faced with
the problem at the Texas warehouse I saw it as a positive opportunity to help out
the Texas Guard units and their families."

In the other Safeway divisions, donations to the military were not feasible so in
Denver Safeway coordinated the donation through the local food bank. Christopher
Bean Coffee Company worked directly with the public affairs office of the Houston FD
and with the resources management division of the Phoenix FD and the local
Firefighters union to arrange for them to pick up the coffee at the warehouses.
Geallis said "We often donate to fire departments near our Daytona Beach, Florida
headquarters, so it only made sense to do the same in Phoenix and Houston. We know
that because firefighters need to stay alert for long shifts that they are natural
coffee lovers and they are among the many underappreciated public servants, so we
wanted to reward them with some special premium coffee. This is one of those times
in life where a problem turns into a blessing, a real Win, Win, Win for everyone!."

About The Christopher Bean Coffee Company

The Christopher Bean Coffee Company was founded in 1996 and prides itself on
selecting the highest quality, hand picked Arabica coffee beans from the world's
main coffee growing regions, including Central and South America, East Africa,
Indonesia, Jamaica and The Pacific Rim. Each variety is roasted in small batches to
maximize flavor. After roasting, the coffee is immediately packaged and sealed to
ensure guaranteed freshness.

All of our premium coffee is made to order, not pulled from stock, so whether the
coffee has been purchased at supermarkets, enjoyed at restaurants or ordered on
line, it will be the freshest gourmet coffee possible. Christopher Bean Coffee
Company is located in Daytona Beach, Florida and distributes 12 varieties at over
3,500 Grocery stores in 31 states. Online they feature over 70 blends, single origin
and unique flavored coffee varieties at


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Contact Details =
Christopher Bean Coffee Co.
440 Fentress Blvd.
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
Mark Geallis
Director of Sales & Marketing
386-257-2326 xt. 223

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