Coming back from the Edge of Impossibility how one woman proved Medics wrong!!

Released on = June 22, 2007, 3:44 pm

Press Release Author = Heather Bradley

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Triumph over adversity .... an inspirational story

Press Release Body = How would you react if you were told that you would never walk
or talk again?
What would you do if you found out that you had a life-threatening condition?
How do you bounce back when life continually knocks you down? .. And continue smiling?
Heather Bradley has been through all this .. and so much more She is now a highly
acclaimed and much sort after International Speaker.
Always thinking of others, even during her recovery , Heather had a charitable dream
. log on to her website at to see it all!!

The Onion Footprint
Follow her journey and read how she became 'The Onion' and gain insights into how
she overcame her many disabilities including brain damage, multiple sclerosis,
diabetes and cancer in her new O-Book entitled 'The Onion Footprint' .. already
outselling beyond all expectations in Australia, Canada, Europe and the UK!!
Heather said: " I wanted to produce something different .. quirky but enjoyable,
interactive and informative. This is sooo much more than the usual e-book, it is
interactive multi-media .. The O-Book, cos O is for Onion, and when opened the
reader will go 'OH!' 
Preview and Buy from
What others have said about 'The Onion Footprint'
"I loved your book. It is terrific.
You tell your story in a real inspirational and heart warming way.
It is like having a conversation with you over a cup of tea."
.. Amanda Goldston, The Goldston Group

"Heather\'s O-book is amazing! If you have not read it - do so!"
.. Peter Page

"Filled with tons of common sense, courage, inspiration and humour, Heather delivers
a book that will make you cry, make you laugh and most of all, appreciate the life
you have! If not, she tells you how to get that too! If Heather is slowed down by
brain damage, then we should all be so lucky!!!"
.. Frankie Picasso, Radio show host, Coach of the Airwaves.

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Web Site =

Contact Details = 9 Campians Avenue, Cheslyn Hay, Staffs, UK, WS6 7HW

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