Global Abundance Program Takes Home Business To The Next Level By Introducing Their Titanium Package

Released on = June 26, 2007, 2:02 pm

Press Release Author = The Pinnacle group

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = GAP provides what millions of families and busy
professionals alike are looking for -- an easy to run business that takes full
advantage of the world wide scope of the Internet, and the brilliance of automation
is appealing to a mass market.

Press Release Body = Chicago, IL - The Launch of Global Abundance Program (GAP), a
Division of Universal Software Consulting, was the most eagerly awaiting Internet
marketing event back in January of 2007. Today, GAP shines brighter then ever with
the introduction of their new Titanium package for $12,995.00. Members of the
Global Abundance Program (GAP) will be the first to market this truly extraordinary
package that is destined to take the Internet World by storm.

In short, GAP is a comprehensive lead generation, marketing, product presentation
and closing system designed to empower its members to achieve financial success.
The company\'s co-founders Mike Churchill & Tod Bell have extensive experience with
online business opportunities. And while Mike and Tod knew they had the skills
necessary to succeed, they also knew that the vast majority of others did not.

"We are working very hard to give our members all the tools and all the reasons in
the world to be able to make a substantial income on the Internet; and we are
working even harder to remove all the reasons why people fail to make money from
home. We are a Global company with a Global market, and now the World can be yours
with the Global Abundance Program," says Mike Churchill.

"On top of that, we realize there are many people out there looking for an
alternative from corporate America or from their professional practice. Many of
these individuals have looked at everything from franchises to distributorships only
to find that with those programs they are basically buying themselves a job. This
is the main reason we introduced the Titanium package to the home business world,"
states Tod Bell.

GAP is no doubt one of the most powerful online training systems and wealth creation
offerings in the World today. Tod Continues, "We have video trainings, live
workshops, exciting money making tools and a complete support program; all rolled
into one business."

This gets to what millions of families and busy professionals alike are looking for
-- an easy to run business that takes very little time with the potential for a
full-time corporate or professional income. When asked what is the hottest home
business out there today, Tod and Mike both replied, \"A company that provides a
platform where anyone from the online novice to the busy professional are able to
join and experience success; this is the kind company you want to represent and with
the introduction of the Titanium package, GAP is one of these companies."

More information on GAP can be found here:

Chad William Hershey of is founder of his own home
based business, The Pinnacle Group. He is a student and mentor of the Universal Law
of Attraction, as seen in The Secret, and believes fully in The Master Key System.
Chad shares his passion and knowledge of being in the home based business arena for
the last 15 years and enjoys helping others succeed with Internet marketing. Chad's
business website is

Web Site =

Contact Details = Chad Hershey
The Pinnacle Group
c/o 1052 N Mill
Naperville, IL [60563]

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