Released on = June 22, 2007, 4:16 am

Press Release Author = Michael Streeter

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Three out of ten people would be put off flying to and from
France if a new \'green tax\' on low-cost airlines was imposed, a survey by the online
magazine website FrenchEntre.com has found.

Press Release Body = The poll also reveals when it comes to using low-cost airlines
such as Ryanair, easyJet or Flybe, the impact on people's pockets is a far bigger
potential deterrent than concerns about the environment. Only 16% of those asked
would be less likely to fly to France simply because of fears about the impact on
global warming.

Moreover, the survey shows that most French home owners and visitors will stick with
low-cost flights regardless - seventy-nine per cent (79%) said the possible
environmental impact would not stop them using low-cost airlines; while sixty-one
percent (61%) would not change their plans even if there was a green tax.

When asked how they would travel if they did not go by plane, 78% of the 1,069
who took part said they would use a car to go to and from France. Only 16% said
they would take the more environmentally-friendly option of a train.

Today, there are more than 100 different flight routes to France from the UK - as
FrenchEntre.com\'s new interactive flight map - shows. This expansion has had a
considerable influence on Britons buying a house in France. Of those surveyed by
FrenchEntre.com the majority - 69% - own a second home in France or live in the
country permanently. And for 67% of them, a property\'s proximity to a regional
airport was very important to them. Forty per cent (40%) bought their home because
it was near a regional airport.

Thirteen per cent (13%) of those surveyed do not own a home in France but are likely
to holiday there. Of these only 3% were less likely to holiday in France because of
concerns over global warming. However, 18% would be less likely to if there was an
added green tax.

\'\'Given the constant publicity given to the impact of low-cost flights on the
environment, it is interesting to see that it has so little effect on people\'s
travel plans, and that it is the age-old issue of money that talks loudest,\' says
Michael Streeter, Property Editor of FrenchEntre.com. \'But what comes out most
strongly is that for the vast majority, the joys of la belle vie in France overcome
any concerns about extra taxes or global warming.\'

Note to editors: FrenchEntre.com is the complete guide to French property, living
in France and holidays in France. To view the new interactive flight map go to

Web Site = http://www.frenchentree.com

Contact Details = 2 Queens Parade, BATH, BA1 2NJ, UK

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