OpenCores Web Site to be Sold to a Strategic Partner

Released on = June 24, 2007, 9:28 pm

Press Release Author = OpenCores

Industry = Semiconductors

Press Release Summary = San Jose, CA - June 26, 2007 - OpenCores announced today
that is looking for a strategic partner within the semiconductor and EDA industry.
This initiative will strengthen OpenCores as world\'s largest community for
development and distribution of open source Verilog/VHDL soft cores. As part of this
initiative, the OpenCores brand and web site will be sold to a strategic partner.

Press Release Body = OpenCores is extremely well known in the hi-tech industry.
Within the last year, over 5000 different companies have downloaded IP from
OpenCores. On average 80,000 engineers and others visit OpenCores web site each
It is estimated that more than a million engineers have downloaded IP from OpenCores
in the seven and a half years of OpenCores existence.

OpenCores has a very large base of users from over 10,000 organizations around the
world, including
. ASIC companies that need IP for their SOC/ASIC projects
. OEM systems engineers using IP for FPGA based systems designs
. EDA companies looking for variety of IP for testing their design flows
. Semiconductor foundries looking for IP for testing their manufacturing processes
. Universities using IP in their electrical engineering and computer science classes

Opportunity for Industry Leaders

This is an excellent opportunity for industry leaders to partner with OpenCores and
promote their products and services through OpenCores. Companies interested in
OpenCores would include:
. ASIC vendors: core business is design and manufacturing of ASICs and this business
model fits perfectly with OpenCores activities. An ASIC vendor would be able to use
OpenCores to promote their products and services to large worldwide audience and
expand their customer base.
. FPGA vendors: core business is supply of FPGA chips and this business model fits
perfectly with OpenCores activities. A FPGA vendor could use OpenCores to support
their existing customers, providing them with IP optimized for their FPGAs, and to
promote their products and services to large worldwide audience. A large portion of
FPGA customers are already using OpenCores IP.
. EDA vendors: core business is supply of EDA tools and this business model fits
perfectly with OpenCores activities. OpenCores IP is being used by many ASIC and
FPGA customers, and thus an EDA vendor could reach these companies through
. Semiconductor foundries: foundry customers need IP for their SOC/ASICs, and
OpenCores is a great source for IP. Foundry could guide OpenCores development
activities, and give opportunity to OpenCores developers to silicon prove their IP.

For more information, visit

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Contact Details = OpenCores Contact:
Damjan Lampret

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