Perfect Home Living Names New Chairman of the Board

Released on = June 5, 2007, 10:42 am

Press Release Author = Michael Blackburn / Perfect Home Living

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Preston Cochrane, Executive Board member of United Way of
Salt Lake and CEO of AAA Fair Credit Foundation has been named Chairman of the Board
for Perfect Home Living non-profit organization that serves as the nation\'s foremost
authority on matters involving real estate fraud.

Press Release Body = --Today\'s consumer is challenged by financial literacy and
understanding the often confusing home buying process. Through combined effort
Perfect Home Living names its Chairman of the Board with hopes of bridging the gap
for consumer education on homeownership and financial well being.

Salt Lake City, UT / Press Release / -- To some the name Preston Cochrane is merely
all the introduction required in the world of the non-profit sector. Although few
outside the U.S. non-profit community would be able to identify the 35-year-old Salt
Lake City native, Cochrane\'s passion for educating consumers on maters of financial
literacy and personal finance have without question ear marked his legacy as a
pioneer within his field.

From the top floor of the building that serves as headquarters for the non-profit
organization AAA Fair Credit Foundation where Cochrane serves as President and CEO,
thousands of families and individuals from across the country receive financial
counseling and education from certified financial counselors.

Taking control of personal finances brings new challenges that require a new
resolve. Resolve that can\'t be weighted by past models that fail to compete with
today\'s go to business models. So in patterned fashion Cochrane sought new
relations that could minimize risks on the greatest asset purchases consumers could
ever make - home ownership.

Determined to make the connection between his organization\'s work and the burgeoning
spiral of a housing market riddled with fraud and predatory lending practices,
Cochrane began an aggressive behind-the-scenes campaign queuing employees,
colleagues and some of today\'s chief political advisors and analyst on such matters.

After months of intensive review, Cochrane ensured his name for inclusion as a
candidate for Chairman of the Board for Perfect Home Living INC., a non-profit
organization which serves as the nation\'s foremost authority on matters involving
real estate fraud.

This morning Perfect Home Living by way of its board, announced the appointment of
Preston Cochrane as its Chairman beginning June 1, 2007.

\"Mr. Cochrane\'s impeccable credentials and unique approach to financial soundness,
will without question afford Perfect Home Living pivotal leadership from the
non-profit sector,\" says Sheri Fitzpatrick, CEO of Perfect Home Living. \"In
addition his arrival will increase consumer intelligence while complimenting our
suite of Six Sigma training that we currently provide to quality control mechanisms
within financial lending institutions,\" Fitzpatrick added.

Initial response of Mr. Cochrane\'s appointment has been well received and viewed as
a step in the right direction for Perfect Home Living.

\"I believe serving as the Chairman of the Board for Perfect Home Living will allow
both non-profit and for-profit organizations to join together in identifying
potential risk factors for consumers and lenders which will strengthen our economy
and our communities,\" said Cochrane.

About Perfect Home Living

Perfect Home Living is a nationally recognized leader that assists in implementing
programs and providing training to financial lenders as well as educating consumers
and licensed professionals to red flags within today\'s real estate market. For
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