SINOHUB Receives RMB 5 Million Bank Line From Shenzhen Development Bank



Released on = June 20, 2007, 2:46 am

Press Release Author = SinoHub, Inc.

Industry = Electronics

Press Release Summary = Shenzhen Development Bank has provided a new RMB 5 million credit facility to SinoHub for use in the Company's rapidly growing electronic component supply chain management services business in China

Press Release Body = SHENZHEN, PR CHINA, June 26, 2007 – SinoHub Technology Company, Ltd. today announced that it has successfully closed a RMB 5 Million credit facility with the Shenzhen Development Bank. The company will use the funds to accelerate its growth. Already a leading company in the rapidly growing field of electronic component supply chain management services in China (import, buffer inventory, procurement fulfillment, just-in-time delivery, export and other services), SinoHub will use these funds to propel itself into a dominant position in this field.

Latest reports show the volume of electronic components being imported into PR China has crossed the US$ 5 billion per month mark and that the development of new fabrication facilities for electronic components inside China is proceeding very rapidly. To support this growth, specialized supply chain management services (SCM) companies are starting to take over the home grown import logistics services of suppliers which have been at best a distraction and at worst an inefficient waste of money. At the same time, SCM companies are helping OEMs/EMS providers reduce inventories and outsource non-core operations by providing just-in-time delivery and procurement fulfillment services.

“I believe that SinoHub's unique service offerings and software technology will rapidly become synonymous with high quality electronic component supply chain management services in PR China,” said Mr. Kang, head of Shenzhen Development Bank. “I am also excited about SinoHub's prospects to expand their service offerings through internal growth and potential acquisitions.”

“This commitment from Shenzhen Development Bank is a testament to the uniqueness of our service offerings, our technology and to the exciting prospects for our company,” said Harry Cochran, CEO of SinoHub. “We are the first company to fully apply the principles of world-class international supply chain management solutions in the electronic component area to Mainland China.”

SinoHub Service and Software Solution Offerings
The Integrated Supply Chain service suite provided by Sinohub, SinoHub Electronics Harborä, is tailored to the electronic components business requirements in China. It helps electronic component industry participants reduce inventory costs, shorten purchasing lead-time and solve RMB purchasing and VAT invoicing problems.

“We are delighted to have such strong backing from Shenzhen Development Bank”, said Willa Li, SinoHub's CFO. “Ours is a business of detail that depends on doing things right and continuously improving to meet the needs of our customers. Supplying the funding to keep this process in high gear is my highest priority.”

New Customer Opportunities
“With this new credit facility, SinoHub can now take better advantage of the robust platform we have built over the past 6 years to offer a true one-stop-shop SCM service experience for our customers,” commented Lei Xia, President. “We will rapidly become the dominant player in electronic component supply chain management services based on our exclusive focus on electronic components, our SCM Management Information System and our coverage in China.”

About SinoHub
SinoHub Technology Company, Ltd. was organized in Shenzhen in September 2000 by veteran entrepreneur Harry Cochran and electronic component industry veteran Lei Xia to facilitate the electronics revolution in China by providing world-class services and MIS for all participants in the supply chain of electronic components. For more information, please visit our Web site at

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Contact Details = SinoHub Technology Company, Ltd.
Falicia Chang



Falicia Chang







近期的报道显示进口刀中国的电子元器件每月已超过500亿美金,而且中国新  的发展迅猛。为了支持这样的发展速度,专业化的供应链管理服务(SCM)公司已经开始从供应商手中接过已成为制约因素或者说浪费金钱的进口物流服务。与此同时,SCM公司也在帮助OEM/EMS提供商减少库存量,通过及时派送和单据执行服务外包非核心业务。 


深圳发展银行的信任是对我们服务和技术特色以及公司前景的最好证明,”协诺的CEO, Harry Cochran先生说,“我们是在中国大陆电子元器件行业第一家完全应用世界级供应链管理的公司。”


协诺提供的集成供应链服务,协诺Electronics Harbor?是根据中国的电子元器件市场需求量身打造的,可以帮助电子元器件企业减少库存成本,缩短采购周期并解决人民币购汇和增值税发票的问题 





协诺科技有限公司是于20009月在深圳成立的,由经验丰富的企业家Harry Cochran先生和电子元器件行业的资深人士夏磊先生创建,通过向电子元器件供应链上的相关企业提供世界级的服务为中国带来电子业的变革。要了解详情,请登录我们的网站



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