Swapping Is The New Shopping With Hitflip UK!

Released on = June 26, 2007, 5:53 am

Press Release Author = Hitflip Media Trading Ltd

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = German company Hitflip acquires Britain\'s Swopex.com to
become Europe\'s largest media trading platform overnight!

Press Release Body =
News Release

Swapping is the new Shopping as Hitflip.co.uk opens for business

Hitflip acquires Swopex.com, the UK's Leading CD, DVD and game trading site to
create Hitflip.co.uk, Europe's largest online 'swapping' portal

London, XX March 2007 - Online media exchange, www.Hitflip.de, the market leader in
Germany and Austria, has acquired Swopex, the UK's biggest CD, DVD and game exchange
portal and fused the two leading brands together to create hitflip.co.uk, Europe's
largest online 'swapping' destination. UK 'swappers' can now join Hitflip.co.uk
online to enjoy the unique Hitflip experience then begin swapping their unwanted
DVDs, games, music CDs, audio books, and books simply, securely and cheaply.

Gerald Schnbucher, joint managing director of Hitflip, said, "We've found the
Hitflip 'swapping' phenomena has been an instant success in mainland Europe with
customers taking the attitude that it's better to exchange used or unwanted media
titles rather than always buy something new. In the UK, the popular Eighties
morning TV show for children, Noel Edmonds\'s Swap Shop, became essential viewing for
millions and for some, a way of life , so we know you're a nation of would-be
swappers; you just need a medium to help you do it."

By fusing Swopex into Hitflip's way of online exchanging, a new 'exchange'
experience is being delivered to UK swappers. Web 2.0 technologies lie at the heart
of the service and the technology is able to match complex swaps between millions of
users and form recommendations based on the user's habits and friends to ensure
fairer distribution. In addition, UK customers now benefit from new social
networking features and the ability to trade books and audio books.

Speaking on why people love Hitflip, Gerald said: "Online swap sites, like Hitflip,
are becoming serious rivals to auction sites such as eBay or e-retailers such as
Amazon but what we do is a little different. For a start, 'Hitflippers' always save
money as there is no fee when posting products up for swap. If nobody is interested
in a swap then there is nothing to pay. A buyer only has to pay 79p per item when
they receive a swap. 'Hitflippers' also like the social aspects of being part of
hitflip. eBay or Amazon can be cold 'faceless' places at times, our members enjoy a
relationship with other hitflippers, who have similar tastes - a more friendly
trading society.\"

Hitflip Statistics:
The most swapped UK DVD so far is Matrix.
Europe loves to swap Robbie Williams CDs
More than 100 new users are joining Hitflip each day
More than 500 new products are added daily

Add More...... Matthias (in Cc) to add details of a British \"Mr. Hitflip\".

Swopex members have already transitioned over to Hitflip complete with their trading
history and credits, so that they can continue trading .

About Hitflip
Hitflip (http: // www.hitflip.de) is a legal peer-to-peer platform for the exchange
of media products. Hitflip brings together offers and inquiries for DVDs, music
CDs, games, books and audio books, giving home media collections a new value.
Depending on the product, the average charge is 79p per transfer: there are no
subscriptions or hidden costs. Hitflip users are protected against fraud and
damaged media by the Hitflip guarantee.

Hitflip members are currently offering to exchange more than 125,000 different DVDs,
over 20,000 different audio books and plays, over 40,000 games, 65,000 books and
85,000 music CDs. And these numbers are increasing daily.

Hitflip was founded in 2005 by three post-graduate/doctoral students at the WHU Otto
Beisheim School of Management, Vallendar, Germany.

Jimmy Tse, SquareMango jimmy@squaremengo.net Tel: +44 (0)7932 455085

Web Site = http://www.hitflip.co.uk

Contact Details = Hitflip Media Trading GmbH
Gurzenichstrasse 7
50667 Koeln
ph. +49-221-272407-20
fax: +49-221 272407-22
email: partner@hitflip.co.uk

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