WiFi price breakthrough Instant hotspot-in-a-box


Released on = June 13, 2007, 8:57 am

Press Release Author = Planet Earth Internet

Industry = Internet & Online

Press Release Summary = A European based web services company called Planet Earth Internet is launching what they claim to be a price breakthrough for small businesses worldwide wishing to attract customers to their premises with a free WiFi Hotspot connection service.

Press Release Body = The service known as FREE WiFi Net offer their simple plug and play "Hotspot-in-a-Box" which plugs into the operators existing broadband service.

The service they offer links the free service to an authentication portal website offering information about the hotspot operator as well as links to services such as web site hosting, ecommerce, instant shops, Internet telephones, and VoIP calling which can earn the hotspot operator automated referral commissions (known as affiliate link revenue) without doing anything.

FREE WiFi Net claim that this could prove more lucrative than the declining market for charged-for WiFi services now that numerous new WiFi devices are coming onto the market which is expected to grow exponentially over the next couple of years. In addition to regular internet surfing laptops and dual mode cellular phones (with free internet calls) are already on the market.

Whilst the paid-for model of WiFi hotspots is rapidly declining with users now expecting free services there is a surge of interest from smaller businesses, pubs, restaurants, cafes etc who can easily afford the package cost which is on launch offer at only £199. For this price the Hotspot operator gets a semi-customised advertising website, a method of attracting new customers to their premises with the WiFi service plus a potential income from the affiliate links. In addition they also get submission to Google and to worldwide free WiFi directories

FREE WiFi are also recruiting other website owners to install a separate affiliate link which pays them £25 for every new Hotspot operator that they refer.

Web Site = http://www.freewifinet.com

Contact Details = enquiries can be directed to Tony Mackenzie at


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