Zaber Expands Motorized Linear Slide Offering


Released on = June 4, 2007, 1:23 pm

Press Release Author = Zaber Technologies Inc.

Industry = Industrial

Press Release Summary = Zaber has just added several new models to its T-LSR series of motorized linear slides for motion control applications. The new additions increase the available range of travel from 300mm to 450mm. Also now available are multiple leadscrew configurations offering higher speed or better resolution depending on the requirements of the customer’s application.

Press Release Body = Zaber Technologies ( is proud to announce the release of a 450mm travel version of its popular T-LSR series of computer controlled motorized linear slides. The series now includes linear slides with travels up to 450mm. In addition to longer travel, new leadscrew options offer a variety of speed and resolution capabilities. Resolutions as low as 0.1 um and speeds as high as 80mm/s are possible.

Multiple T-LSR stages may be mounted in x-y or x-y-z configurations without any additional hardware. They are also compatible with Zaber’s T-LS series of precision motorized ball bearing stages which offer a more economic choice for shorter travel and lighter loads.

Integrated motors and controllers allow T-LSR slides and T-LS stages to be daisy chained with other Zaber products and controlled from a single USB or RS232 serial port. Demo control software for a variety of programming environments is available for free download from the Zaber website.

A control knob on each unit permits smooth manual operation without connection to a computer, however, if connected to a computer, linear slide position can be tracked and displayed during a manual move.

For more information on the T-LSR and compatible products please visit the links below:

T-LSR Motorized Linear Slides:

Web Site =

Contact Details = 2891 Steveston Hwy
Richmond, BC, Canada
V7E 2J1
Tel: 604-276-8033
Fax: 604-648-8033


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