AXA Stone Provides the Luxury of Natural Stones to All

Released on = July 3, 2007, 9:47 am

Press Release Author = Josveek O. Huligar

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = AXA Stone offers natural stones which add luxury and allure
to their surroundings for a fraction of the cost.

Press Release Body = New York, NY, July 3 - AXA Stone is proud to announce the
launch of its new store that will provide the residents of Anguilla and the
surrounding islands with the luxury of natural stone. One customer described the
store as, "The premier store for purchasing natural stones because of its
customer-friendly environment and inexpensive prices."

This innovative new store offers only the finest in natural rock such as granite and
much more. All the stones are tested so that they are of the highest quality and
that they are suitable for the climate and environment in which the stone will be

AXA Stone offers different furnishings made of natural rock at extremely competitive
prices. The granite countertop has been a staple product of AXA Stone because the
store makes it elegant, sturdy, and cost competitive. AXA Stone guarantees that
individuals, who buy through its store, will enhance their building aesthetically
with the pleasing appearance of natural stone.

The owner of AXA Stone described the store as, "For years Anguilla has been known
for having nothing but the best. Yet, most villas in Anguilla still have Formica
which make them feel like a common motel. I could not spend over $100 a night for
such an environment! This is why the local establishments are loosing out on
reoccurring visitors. It is our goal to supply the locals with high quality surfaces
at a reasonable price. Natural stone loans the look and feel of elegance."

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Company Name: AXA Stone
Telephone Number: 866-865-2897
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