Friends As A Viral Marketing Tool To Grow Your Business Or Profession

Released on = July 19, 2007, 8:33 pm

Press Release Author = Dhanushka Fernando/Ekwa

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Lets just say that you were to throw a party in your
basement, whom do you first invite - your friends.

Press Release Body = This could be the same when you start your own business or your
own profession; you inform your friends and colleagues about your profession or
about your business. You could influence them to do some PR for you and within weeks
you will know that most of your loyal customers will be your friends and their

Apply the same to the World Wide Web, and its works the same way or even better.
Imagine having you very own web marketing package to do this for you for FREE. This
is exactly what ekwa lite is all about, an innovative feature available under ekwa
( You can now own a website for free, where you do have the option of
inviting friends to take a look at the site and also become a part of the ekwa
community. This process in turn could be done by your friends to invite more people
into your website and thereby creating vast amount visitors to your website and
become your loyal customers.

As the old English proverb goes - "A friend in need is a friend indeed", your friend
could act as the ultimate viral marketing tool to bring in new customers into your
business. Today with the internet, friends can share your site on their personal
profiles and influence their customer base to try your product or service.

So now is the moment for you to take the maximum advantage of ekwa lite and create
your own marketing profile for absolutely FREE and get many additional features such
as blogs, photo albums, testimonials, news updates to help you and your business to
reach out into new markets and promote itself among millions of net users. Sign up
today at and experience the power of ekwa lite for you and your

Web Site =

Contact Details = 54 horizon street,
Brampton, Ontario, l6p2j2,
Ph: 1-416-222-2400

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