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You\'re standing on the tee with water right and think, boy I don\'t want to hit it
right. What usually happens next? The ball doesn\'t go into the water because it
wants to. It go in the water because it has to!

You did everything absolutely perfect to produce this slice and send your golf ball
to a watery grave. So how do you fix this abomination of a shot? First, you will
need to know what a slice is and what some of its causes are.

A slice can start anywhere but then curves back to the right - for a right-handed
player. The amount of this curvature can be small or great depending on the clubface
angle when the ball leaves the clubface.

If you are slicing here\'s a quick check list to narrow down why.

1. Ball location - having the ball too far back in the stance will not allow the
clubface to close properly. A player\'s hand spped also affects ball location. Fast
hands need to play the ball back and slow hands more forward.

2. Hinge action (the control of the clubface transmitted through the left hand) -
Faulty hinge action can lead to slices, hooks, pushes, and fades. But properly
educated hands can even compensate for off plane motions.

3. Right arm action - Not straightening the right arm through impact allows the
clubface to remain open. These three are the basic reasons for slices, but there
could be more depending on the player.

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