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Press Release Summary = Some lessons to take away from watching the British Open.
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Golfers in the U.S. are spoiled when it comes to course conditions and the type of
golf we play here versus in Europe.
The British Open is usually an extreme example of the contrast in golf between the
two. While courses in the U.S. normally accept shots fired at the pin, the reverse
is true at the British Open.

Watch the British Open and you\'ll see the type of golf (and preparation) you would
need if you are intending to head over to Europe, especially to Britain, for a golf

The run and punch shot
Most shots on British golf courses are played short of the green and run up to the
hole. Shots fired at the pin usually go off the green leaving delicate little chips
and pitches. Of course the player also has the option of putting from 30 yards off
the green as well.

But that\'s just one type of shot you would need.

Watch the pros at Carnoustie and see how they hit a lot of punch and knockdown shots
to keep the ball below the tree lines and out of the wind. To hit this type of shot
position the ball back in your stance from your normal position. Be sure to increase
the weight distribution to favor the front leg and foot and then leavbe it there
during the stroke. After impact keep the club low to follow through. If you rotate
the club face slightly you can hit a low punch draw.

If you hold the club face it will generally produce a straight punch and if you feel
a little \"reverse\" action of the clubface you can hit punch fade. Experiment a
little to find your ball location for those windy days.

Surviving those deep bunkers and tricky greens
British golf courses are notorious for deep pot bunkers, something you don\'t see
much on U.S. golf courses. There will be times when playing the ball backward is the
best choice. There have been a lot of players that have tried to advance the ball
from one of these caverns and wind up having to hit a second and third shot from

In the U.S. we very seldom are faced with these types of shots. I would suggest that
you don\'t try to be a hero, take your medicine and move on. You\'ll have plenty of
holes and times to make birdies during the round.

Putting is also very tricky on European greens. In the U.S. we are use to smooth,
well manicured greens, not so on British courses. The greens are usually bumpy, lots
of undulation and slower then U.S. greens. Take your time, hit the putt a little
firmer, and be committed to the line. Speed is always a factor so don\'t fall in love
with the line.

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July 25, 2007
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