HipHopSiX com Sets New Trend in Music Communities

Released on = July 26, 2007, 3:09 pm

Press Release Author = Gweb

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = is a new online community with an integrated
Video Game Arcade, Championship Leaderboard, Forums, Chat Room, and music Video

Press Release Body = features an Arcade with members striving to be
the Arcade champion for monthly HipHop and gaming prizes such as launch prize;
Nintendo Wii. Arcade game battles and challenges between community members adds
another dimension for players.

HipHopSiX also features an integrated music video channel - streaming the latest rap
videos next to old school hits and videos sourced from dedicated video site

\"The site is constantly evolving while we strive to improve the expericence for our
members and new vistitors\" said site owner and developer Gweb.

HipHopSiX is currently looking toform bonds with media partners to omprove the
overall user experience and has recently announced the development of an online rap
battle channel dubbed \'JawWars\'.

For more information on HipHopSiX and it\'s affiliated partners, please contact:

Web Site =

Contact Details = Site

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