Only 48 percent prints at home (And why printing companies stay)

Released on = July 16, 2007, 10:44 am

Press Release Author = Ynez Santiago

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = According to a survey, only 48 percent out of the 7.7
billion digital printing are made at home. This is a definite down from last year's
64 percent.

Press Release Body = Arlington, Texas, June 27, 2007. - According to a survey, only
48 percent accounts for the number of digital printing reproduced at home. Out of
the 7.7 billion accounted for digital printing of materials such as brochures,
postcards, business cards, and even reproduction of pictures and photos, not even
half of that can be attributed to homemade printing. And this is a downhill trend
from the 64 percent of the rate that was gotten from the previous year that the
survey was made.

This is the reason why the prices of personal printers have made a significant drop
of almost 30 percent. With fast and print-in-less-than-blank-seconds personal
printers, no wonder many of the consumers are drawn to the promises made by the
manufacturers of these equipment.

Nonetheless, consumers today are wise enough to know when to shell out their hard
earned money for the likes of brochure printing, postcard reproductions, and picture
developing. As it turns out, the costs that entail brochure printing at a printing
retailer's facility is almost 13 cents lower than when you print your materials at
home using your very own personal digital printer. In fact, you could get more cost
effective brochure printing with the likes of, an online full color
digital printing company that produces 2-day turnarounds. In addition, how many
pieces can be printed on a personal printer anyway? If you need material prints in
the thousands or more, it is still smarter to go for printing outfits.

Sentiments for outside printing are rife despite the overwhelming marketing methods
nowadays by the manufacturers of printer units and the constant convincing of
consumers to try printing their materials at home. The increase in the number of
printing jobs done by printing companies such as just goes to show
that home based printing isn't as much fun and cost effective after all.

It is further revealed that despite the relatively low prices of printers, the
products that are tied up with the printers cost much more. For example, the ink and
the cartridges can catch a price that is the same with that of popular perfumes.
Even the paper you're going to use costs so much. Add to this that the ink often
runs out before your home printing job is even finished.

Finally, despite the increase in digital photo printing, it is not significant
enough to assure printer manufacturers. It is a fact that although consumers are
more prone to use their digital cameras, instead of printing them, photos are now
often shared via the internet. And consumers are also using the vast storage and
sharing capacities of the web, not to mention that you can use online services for
free and without limit.

Printing of materials, especially in volume, is no doubt more cost effective when
commissioned outside. But as always, before you plunge yourself head first to any
project, whether its brochure printing or picture reproduction, it is strongly
advised to take caution and select a printing company, online or otherwise, who
could provide you with the most quality product at less time and costs. Make it your
habit to get your money's worth. After all, every penny you got is hard earned and
doesn't come easy nowadays.


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