Released on = July 12, 2007, 7:08 pm

Press Release Author = Jennifer Bays/Rima McDonald

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Helena, AL- It's often been said that if you want something
done, ask a busy woman to do it. Women multitask dozens of activities, but women are
also quick to respond to those in need. Women's Online Magazine, a new forum created
by and for busy women, knows that regardless of what else is going on in the home,
women are still conscious of the world around them and want to do their part in
making it a healthier, safer place.

Press Release Body = Women's Online Magazine is taking this concept to heart and is
using its online forum to raise awareness and funds for Darfur. The AidDarfur.org
website states that thousands of refugees have fled Darfur, and millions of people
are homeless, hungry, and sick. Eighty percent of those homeless are women and
children. "We do not pretend that our donation will make a significant dent in the
tragedy in Darfur, but we are hopeful that our efforts will raise awareness of the
humanitarian efforts and the needs of this country, and that the money will make a
difference in many lives," said Rima McDonald, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine.

The magazine has connected with noted charity columnist Reverend Jackie O'Neal to
help draw attention to the United Nation Refugee Agency\'s campaign,
www.AidDarfur.org. McDonald explained, "Women's Online Magazine wants to attract
women wanting to break away from the busyness of life and read uplifting,
lighthearted articles. However, we also believe in encouraging women to be aware of
the world around them. We have asked Jackie to share her knowledge about charitable
giving with our readership."

O'Neal is an award-winning columnist who regularly features charitable organizations
and business people who give back to the community. "I believe it is very inspiring
that business owners can use their presence in the community to raise awareness and
funds for others," said O'Neal. As a charity columnist, O'Neal has worked with many
organizations. "I like to feature organizations and people of great merit in the
charity and non-profit world. I screen the charities to ensure they are run
effectively, and make certain that they are doing the work they say they are doing.
I like to give exposure to those entities that are not as well-known to the
community, but who are doing great work and need support," explained O'Neal.

While the United Nations is doing its best to raise awareness and necessary funds,
not enough can be said or done for this region where heartbreak and death are daily
occurrences. Visitors are encouraged to visit Women's Online Magazine, read about
the needs in Darfur, and make a donation to support the United Nation's efforts in
this region. "We will be giving a free one-year coupon advertising listing to each
person who donates $100 to this worthy cause. Women's Online Magazine wants to set
the bar for other businesses in giving back to the community. It is our world to
protect and make safe for the next generation," emphasized McDonald.

To learn more about the Women's Online Magazine and how to be a part of its
fundraising efforts, visit www.WomensOnlineMagazine.com.

Web Site = http://www.womensonlinemagazine.com

Contact Details = Jennifer Bays
Media Contact
1 877 492 6813

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