Weathered Stone(tm) Announces New Streamlined Product Display

Released on = July 9, 2007, 7:02 am

Press Release Author = Sommer Smith

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = New Streamlined Product Display Takes In-Store Retailing to
the Next Level

Press Release Body = Weathered StoneT has taken in-store retailing to the next level
by using a streamlined product display. The new display has replaced the bulky,
handmade display the company was previously using. The streamlined product display
doesn't take up as much space as the old display. It was time for a product display

The new display is all black metal. The new display will hold 16 inch by 16 inch
Weathered StoneT tiles. There are 11 tiles with a front and a back. All 22 Weathered
StoneT colors will be available for the display. The display stand will also come
with a Weathered StoneT sign affixed to the top of the display.

The display weighs less than 20 lbs., not including Weathered StoneT tiles.
Significantly, lighter than the old hand made display that was close to 60 lbs. The
base of the display is 12 inches by 16 inches, and 64 inches tall.

"The old display was time consuming, it had to be built, and painted. Now, the new
streamlined display fits the needs of the showrooms and distributors of Weathered
StoneT. The new product display doesn't take up as much space, and looks
professional on showroom floors. The new display is light enough to be carried from
sales presentation to sales presentation, where the old display didn't allow for
quick mobility", said Sean Howard, inventor and owner of Weathered StoneT.

The new tile display is from dds display systems out of El Paso, TX. According to
the company website, their displays "help your business increase sales as they are
well-designed and space-efficient".


Web Site =

Contact Details = 355 Commercial Park Drive
Fairhope, AL 36532
t. 251-990-3030
f. 530-451-9346

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