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Released on = August 20, 2007, 4:21 am

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Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = Optimize Your Ask Campaign with These Creative Tips.

Press Release Body = Farmington, Michigan--Let's start with a quick tip about exit
pop ups:

After Internet Marketers have changed their website copy based on previous exit pop
up survey results, they make sure to keep their exit popup is in place. They will
find new reasons why people are leaving their website. They modify their website
based on the results. This is a continual process that will increase the
effectiveness of their website and convert more website visitors to paying

Now let's explore different Ask Campaign options that can maximize Internet
Marketers success:
Another Ask Campaign option is to ask their customer list to give their opinions
about the Internet Marketer's website copy. For example, Internet Marketers can ask
customers to view four different sample headlines at their website and choose the
headline they think is the best. They can also ask them to come up with a new
headline of their own. Having people participate in creating their website or
product is a great way to turn them into paying customers because people are more
apt to buy a product that they have helped to create.

Another Ask Campaign option is to survey their customer list about topics that they
want to learn more about. For example, Internet Marketers can ask their customer
list what topic they would like to talk about at the next teleseminar. If people
have a chance to ask for what they want to learn about on the teleseminar, then,
they are more likely to sign up for and attend the teleseminar.

Tip: Don't create the product first. Instead, research and survey the market first
to find out what their customers want and need. Then create a product that fills
these needs and wants.

Another Ask Campaign option is to create testimonials. Ask people to write
testimonials for them if they enjoyed their product or service. Tell them that they
will be able to have their name and a link to their website in the testimonial.
Direct them to a website where they can write their testimonial. Make sure to save
these testimonials to a database. This is a great way to obtain testimonials

Another Ask Campaign option is to have speakers at a seminar ask the attendees what
they want to learn about. Send out an email to their customer list before the
conference that asks people for their number one question about topic "X". Then at
the conference they can answer these questions or a selective group of these
questions. Essentially, the questions can be the curriculum of the seminar.

Additional tips to creating their own wealth include: Follow the piles of cash. Find
people who have successfully http://www.promotingtips.com [created wealth] and learn
from them. \"Matt Bacak, the powerful promoter, is the person who has done just that
in business and is leading expert on how to achieve quick and easy success\" said
Ralph Marcus Maupin Jr. (Mark Maupin) co-founder of National Real Estate Network and
PrEasy.com LLC.

Remember, it\'s not only what they know, but who they learn it from. Learn from
someone who is more successful then you. Learn the tricks of the trade and
http://www.powerfulpromoter.com [internet marketing tips] from someone that has
actually built wealth and not just written a book about it. Forget the past. It does
not matter who they are or where they came from. Everyone deserves to be a

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