Asset Register PRO For Excel

Released on = August 23, 2007, 11:03 am

Press Release Author = Millenium Soft

Industry = Accounting

Press Release Summary = Easy to use Asset Register can be used within any country
with S/L depreciation.

Press Release Body = Asset Register PRO for Excel supplies nine asset registers plus
YTD depreciation reports for fixed, intangible and investment assets, updating and
reporting depreciation calculations and book values at each month end. Each asset
entered into the register can contain the asset sequence number, date of purchase,
description of asset, serial number, supplier\'s name, purchase order number, G/L
reference code, accounting cost, useful life (depreciation period), physical
location, plus if/when disposed/sold and gain/loss calculations and impairment
ledgers for investments, intangibles and goodwill. Asset Register PRO can be used by
the smallest to the largest enterprise to keep track of their assets and monthly
depreciation calculations. Asset Register PRO applies the straight-line depreciation
method, and the declining balance method adjusted annually and monthly. Depreciation
tables supply monthly depreciation and cumulative depreciation from the acquired
date to any period up to 240 months.

Quick and easy entry of assets into the registers using Excel\'s Data (Entry) > Form
with the Name box.

Asset Register PRO provides continuous month end sequencing so that the asset class
registers update each asset depreciation and book value every month automatically
and combines all month end values into a Year To Date and Totals report. Different
depreciation periods can be applied to individual assets and within each class of

Asset Register PRO calculates book values at disposal dates and gain/losses on

All month end depreciation calculations and book balances can be recalculated
backwards and forwards to any month end date by making a simple one step adjustment
to the month end date held in the adate field. You can recalculate and forecast
depreciation totals and written down balances for any month end past or future. Such
calculations can be very useful for preparing financial business forecasts and for
checking depreciation calculations.

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