Cooking Of Feral Cat Sparks Outrage From Cat Lovers

Released on = August 28, 2007, 11:32 pm

Press Release Author = Cat Galaxy

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Cat Galaxy, the internet radio and TV station for cats
expressed its outrage after a feral cat was killed and then served as a part of a
cooking competition in Australia. The cat was the main ingredient in an entry
presented by children\'s book author Kay Kessing who according to various news
articles has been an advocate against feral cats for two decades.

The station for cats has also joined other cat lovers worldwide to protest Kessing\'s
continuous killing of feral cats.

Press Release Body = One day after Cat Galaxy expressed its outrage over children\'s
author Kay Kessing\'s use of a feral cat as a main ingredient in her entry in a
cooking contest, cat lovers worldwide are also are expressing their disgust.
Flippy\'s Cat Page, a well known and popular cat web site in Melbourne, Australia
notified its cat loving members after hearing the news about the cat being cooked
from the radio station for felines.

\"That is so disgusting. People sicken me sometimes. No wonder I prefer animals than
people,\" said Georgina Phillips of

The other members and readers of her web site agreed, and one of them is already
circulating a petition online to protest Kessing's treatment towards cats which will
then be forwarded to the Australian government as well as to the RSPCA, the Cat
Protection Society and other animal rescue organizations to be viewed. The petition
is also calling for a worldwide boycott of Kessler's work as well.

"Her recent barbaric slaughter of stray and homeless cats to use them as food is
inhumane and morally irreprehensible. Shame on you Kay Kessing! You are now being
officially and very publicly boycotted," said Rachel Lorenz who started the

After reading the story on ABC\'s (Australian Broadcasting Company) web site, another
one of the Flippy\'s cat web site members, Jo Gray also showed her anger and disgust
towards Kessing.

\"That is an utter DISGRACE!!! I\'m shocked & horrified by this story. Why, the woman
is practically GLOATING!! So the cars are feral....that does NOT make them fair
game!\" said Jo Gray of Melbourne Australia.

Cat Galaxy has also stepped up its efforts to educate the public about feral cats
and trying to get the word out that cooking cats is wrong and is encouraging its
listeners to spread the word.
\"As a station for cats we\'re appalled how someone could be so bold to stand up
proudly and say they cooked a cat, especially as an entry in a public event like a
cooking contest. We\'re hearing from plenty of cat lovers who also feel the same way
we do. Hopefully, those thinking of doing what Ms. Kessing did, will think twice and
learn that all cats are to be respected and loved,\" said Nohl Rosen of Cat Galaxy.

Rosen hopes that Kessing and others will get the message that killing cats is wrong
and hopes that this incidents like these will force the public to become more
educated about how to deal with feral cats.

\"It\'s unfortunate that we have people who will harm a feral cat because they see
them as a nuisance. Maybe, this will finally convince the public to become educated
on how to properly deal with the feral cat situation, and that a trap, neuter,
return program is the only way to deal with it,\" Rosen added.

For more about Flippy\'s Cat Page go to If you have an
opinion about this topic feel free to visit our Feline Forum and post your comments.
For the online petition protesting Kessing\'s actions towards feral cats go to

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