Direct Marketers Advocates Immunization for Healthy Travel

Released on = August 31, 2007, 11:18 am

Press Release Author = Karla Jo Helms/VP Public Relations

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = When recently speaking at a Passport Health Conference in
Chicago, Direct Marketer learns about travel abroad and the benefits of

Press Release Body = Clearwater, FL, September 2007 - For some time now, Joy
Gendusa, CEO of PostcardMania, has been teaching entrepreneurs in many different
industries about marketing and the virtues of direct mail. When she recently was
asked to speak at Passport Health's national convention in Chicago she learned
something herself in the process - that immunization for US travelers was not just a
good idea, but in many cases it was life saving.

Passport Health has 115 locations across the country and is the largest private
purchaser of vaccines in the nation. Fran Lessons, Passport's Founder, saw a need to
be the source of specialized knowledge of critical health advice for people
traveling abroad to particular exotic regions.

When Gendusa took on Passport Health as a client, she had no idea the risks she was
helping people avoid. Diseases that can be prevented with vaccinations are a grocery
list of illness that Americans are not familiar with and are not very prone to in
the States. A recent update (August 2007) of these maladies and the regions affected
listed on Passport's website ( include:


There\'s more to travel medicine than just shots according to Lessans who was quoted
in a Washington Times article. She cited an example of an engineer who traveled to
Calcutta on business and despite visiting a doctor before leaving he caught malaria
which he spent nine months in the hospital for. Lessans pointed out that had he
visited Passport Health, nurses would have advised him that mosquitoes' peak feeding
times in that region are one hour before dusk and one hour before dawn.and would
have explained how to use insect repellent, which must be applied to clothing as
well as skin to be effective.

"I think this business has a valuable service to anyone traveling abroad," voiced
Gendusa. "My two teenage boys want to travel to South Africa and I am so glad I now
know about this service!"

About Passport Health:
Founded in 1997, Passport Health is the largest private purchaser of vaccinations in
the U.S., second only to the Federal Government. Passport Health's diverse services
include on-site flu clinics and bioterrorism response. Passport Health specializes
in travel immunizations, travel health counseling with itinerary-specific education,
travel health products and international security counseling. Passport Health has
been involved in providing anthrax vaccinations to the U.S. military, Post Office
and Federal employees, as well as providing smallpox vaccination training. For
more information, go to

About PostcardMania:
PostcardMania is a full service postcard direct mail marketing company which
includes graphic design, printing, mailing list acquisition and mailing services
with free marketing advice. PostcardMania employs over 160 people, has seen positive
expansion every year since its inception and is currently on a 22
million-dollar-revenue run rate for 2007. They have won many awards for their
creativity and marketing farsightedness, such as the MarCom International Awards,
the Stevie Awards, the Inc 500 List, the Creativity Annual Awards and the Webmaster
awards - all of which the underlying theme contributing to their accomplishments is
helping companies all over the nation expand. They print 4 million and mail 2
million postcards representing over 350 business, finance and industrial clients
each week. Visit

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Clearwater, FL 33756

Karla Jo Helms, VP Public Relations
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fax: 727-441-4704

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