Released on = August 30, 2007, 12:57 pm

Press Release Author = Inzomia

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Create contact sheet photos and html pages from videos

Press Release Body = Tired of opening folder after folder to find the video you've
recently downloaded from the web? Wouldn't it be nice if some software automatically
parsed all of your folders, pulled information about all videos and displayed it to
you as screenshots without you having to click on folder after folder? That's
exactly what Fast Video Indexer does and not only this.

UPPSALA, Sweden - August 28, 2007 - Inzomia today announces Fast Video Indexer 1.02,
a new application that lets you bring order to your computer videos and find the one
you need instantly without having to watch videos one after another or run a keyword

Too often we download a video from the internet only to forget about it until we
need it. And when we wish to locate this file, our actions turn into a
time-consuming and monotonous session. You have to click on a folder, find videos,
watch them one after another, go back to the root directory, open another folder,
search it, go back, click on yet another folder and it goes on and on until you find
the file you need. The founder of Inzomia was the one of us who just got tired of
all this hunting hassle and came up with Fast Video Indexer.

Fast Video Indexer helps users do what its name says. Using some very sophisticated
technology, it indexes videos by capturing screenshots from all video clips in the
folder you select. The program then creates an index with standard JPEG screen
captures, ready to be viewed in the free Inzomia image viewer
( Once the index is created, you can find any video much
easier, which means you are going to save a lot of time!

With Fast Video Indexer, indexing videos can be pretty much a snap. To begin, you
install the program on the computer and start it. The program opens a window with a
built-in browser, looking much like Windows Explorer. Browsing through the content
of the hard drive, you choose a video or a folder with videos you want to index,
double-click on it to select and then click on 'Start'. Continue to index your video
collection in the same manner until you've done them all and that's it. Now when you
wish to locate a video, simply run the Fast Video Indexer software and find the
video you need by viewing screenshots.

Fast Video Indexer can generate JPEG contact sheet pictures, HTML gallery index
pages, XML video indexes and image playlists for use in image viewers. Power users
can customize all generated output through XSLT templates, which is very nice. The
program works with all formats supported by Microsoft Media Player and has a batch
mode to queue up a list of videos.

Be a smart video collector and let Fast Video Indexer do the job for you!

Pricing & Availability

Fast Video Indexer 1.02 requires Windows 2000, XP and Vista. It is available
immediately for $34.50 (USD) for a single-user license. Additional information on
the product, as well as its free evaluation copy is available from

Web Site =

Contact Details = Address: Fredrik Lonn, Uppsala

Phone Number:

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