Flowers Anyone

Released on = August 8, 2007, 2:15 am

Press Release Author = sevenwholesale

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = A rose for your special someone? Or as a matter of fact any
other flower
your lady wants, read on to find out.

Press Release Body = So your off somewhere in the world and you\'ve been wanting to
send flowers
to the Philippines because it\'s your special day with your special someone,
unfortunately it\'s hard to find the right service provider for your floral
needs. Some flower shops out there don\'t have the kinds of flowers you need,
some take days to deliver or don\'t deliver at all, some even don\'t do
overseas transactions. Well all that\'s about to change with Express Regalo,
your online portal to send flower to Philippines. Express Regalo is your
online flower shop here in the Philippines that aid you with your need to
send flower to Philippines. With a wide selection of every imaginable flower
shop flora, you can choose the flowers that go into your bouquet and make it
special for the one you\'re giving it to. When it comes to deliveries,
Express Regalo is the only online flower shop out there that delivers the
day you order your bouquet, with their affiliates LBC Group of Companies
they deliver your bouquet with the greatest care and the fastest speed so
your special someone will receive the flower fresh as if it had just been
cut from the stem. Of course to send flower to Philippines, you\'d need to
transact over the internet and it\'s important to ensure your security that\'s
why Express Regalo affiliates itself with VeriSign to ensure that safety you
want. So when you send flower to Philippines, there\'s only one choice and
that\'s Express Regalo at

Web Site =

Contact Details = 57687

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