Gardening is back! Bust stress by growing some green

Released on = August 23, 2007, 7:11 pm

Press Release Author = Kim Regan

Industry = Agriculture

Press Release Summary = Discover a networked community of gardening enthusiasts and
take advantage of their experience and wisdom. It only takes one great suggestion to
help your landscaping and gardening projects come together just right and make you

Press Release Body = Bust stress by growing some green. Slow down the racing world
and plant a little tranquility. Growing your own vegetables and herbs provide the
obvious benefits of saving money and providing a healthy diet, but other forms of
gardening also provide benefit for the soul. Kids learn so much while caring for
gardens and it\'s a good way to spend time with them.

Yards may be getting smaller, but creative people are building beautifully
landscaped garden plots in surprisingly tiny spaces. People discover what works
over time to get the best gardening results, and most are not shy about sharing
their favorite advice, hints and tips. Gardening is back! More and more people are
taking up the pastime that their ancestors took for granted as a daily activity.
With so many gardening techniques to learn, few will get bored with this hobby.

It helps to know which products will help gardens grow well, and which will waste
time. Sometimes just one good landscaping idea can bring a project together and
make it unique. Finding other folks who also love growing things and making their
yards into a treasured retreat can bring a wider range of experience to a
gardener. is a new blog dedicated to gardening and
landscaping resources. Discover a networked community where gardening experts and
amateurs alike share their green passions.

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Fairview Heights, IL 62208
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