Increase Your Website Traffic, Click Throughs And Sales with audio!

Released on = August 13, 2007, 10:47 am

Press Release Author = Art Mason

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = How To Increase Your Website Traffic, Click Throughs And
Sales Quickly And Easily by Adding Audio to Your Website -

Press Release Body =
Dear Friend:

If you want to learn how to setup a audio on your website, quickly, easily and
effectively, then please keep reading, as this may be the most important article you
have ever read about building a website.

Why do we say this? Well, because we know that you want to make a living on the
internet, and we have the solution you've been looking for!

See, we know how hard it is to get helpful guidance, and although it's taken a
while, we have created the perfect answer for you! Now, you can finally find out
everything you need to know to start and manage your own internet marketing
business and make a six figure income doing something you love.

Greatest Gold-Mine Of Easy
\"Setup Audio on your Website\"
Advice Ever Crammed Into One Product

You may be wondering who we are to say we can solve your problem. Well, we have been
associated with internet marketing for a long time and have successfully implemented
this program to our websites. As you can see, we're very qualified to show you the
ropes, and have the experience and knowledge to help you!

Now you probably want to know exactly what you'll get from our program. Well, here's
just a quick sample of the benefits you'll get:

. Increase Your Conversion Ratio FACT: Adding your voice to your home page,
order form or any other page within your website can increase your visitor to
customer conversion rate three fold... Using audio could save you from handing over
a fortune to a professional copywriter or wasting hours rewriting your web copy just
to get the same effect.
. Increase Your Number Of Subscribers FACT: Adding a personal voice message
to your website can fast track your online newsletter or eZine sign-ups. Audio leads
visitors by the hand into submitting their details. (One recent customer increased
the opt-in rate to his email list from around 15 per day to just under 50 a day -
just by adding audio!)
. Increase Your Number Of Orders FACT: Adding your voice to your website
right at the point where your customers complete the final steps of the order
process can decrease the number of last minute dropouts from your shopping cart or
order pages. These customers were just about to press the button to order, don\'t
lose them now!
. Flash Audio Wizard Gives You All This & Much, Much, Much more: It just
takes a little creativity and the sky\'s your limit!

Yes YOU Too Can Make A Six Figure Income Doing What You Love With Ease!

How about it? We told you our manual is the best thing to hit the Internet Marketing
Business since sliced bread! We know you want ALL the details about Easy Audio
Wizard .so you can get your concerns addressed immediately!

Finally get everything you\'ve been looking for! Now you can get exactly what you
want for a fraction of the cost, and without the countless hours it would take to
put this all together on your own!

So, we're going to send you directly to the web page that explains Flash Audio
Wizard in complete detail. If this sounds like we've got what you've been seeking,
all you gotta do is click below to get ALL the nitty gritty details:

Web Site =

Contact Details = 3850 Dougall Ave
Windsor On N9G 1X2

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