Released on = August 22, 2007, 5:17 am

Press Release Author = BeyondPR

Industry = Agriculture

Press Release Summary = Local engineer's plan to zap pest-plant gains positive results

Press Release Body = Bob Holland of Throapham House, just outside Dinnington, is
well aware of the problems that Japanese knotweed has given to gardeners for
decades. His septic tank was once damaged as a result of the rampaging plant.
Various methods of control have been tried in the past, with varying success. Now
Bob thinks he may just have the answer - in the shape of an electrical device which
will stop the pest-plant in its tracks. Bob has his own business in electronic
engineering which is where the idea grew. His invention has recently been undergoing
some field trials around the UK with promising results.

Japanese knotweed has been found in some of the sites in London which have been
scheduled for usage in the 2012 Olympics. Some of these areas have been dug out with
the infected spoil buried in deep landfill sites, but this is not an ideal method on
both cost and environmental grounds.

Bob is now looking for external investment to prove his approach on a more
commercial scale.

\"It\'s a very active project,\" said Bob. \"We just need to identify an appropriate
site and the opportunity to demonstrate that we can clear this of knotweed. It takes
time though; we don\'t want to declare a site free of knotweed only for it to return
the following year. There are also some health and safety issues to consider and
we\'ve been looking into these along with our research.\"

Inventor-Net has helped Bob on the path to applying for a patent on his idea.
Created and supported by Atkinson & Company, in partnership with Fixed Fee IP,
Inventor-Net has a panel comprised of those who have set up their own businesses and
got through the invention process. This first hand knowledge is invaluable to those
who are themselves in the process of bringing an idea to market - like Bob Holland.
Inventor-Net Confidential has arranged the following dates in Sheffield, for those
who have an idea or just want to know more:
Wednesday 19 September; Wednesday 24 October; Wednesday 28 November.

Inventor-Net Confidential brings together local professionals and experts from a
wide range of disciplines to give inventors the kick start and direction their ideas
need, without any risk of their idea being stolen. Should an inventor wish to pursue
a patent or trademark, Fixed Fee IP can offer a fixed price service and also guide
the individual in the direction of other support services that may be relevant.
Ralph Atkinson, director of Atkinson & Company, said: \"We deliver a service which
points inventors like Bob in the right direction for successfully gaining a patent
on their idea. We are pleased that people come forward at all stages of their
project development; in Bob\'s case, he\'s already worked on the project for months,
but we also welcome those in the initial stages of developing an idea.\"

\"The Inventor-Net model has been so successful we are looking at expanding it to
other areas across the UK.\"

A UK patent application has been published for Bob\'s idea, with an application for
Europe on its way.

Anyone with an idea who needs free advice on inventions, patents and trademarks,
should call Eileen Ellis on 0870 850 0043 to arrange their free, totally
confidential consultation with the experts at Inventor-Net. For further information,
visit www.atkinsonandco.com and www.fixedfeeip.com

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Contact Details = 26 President Buildings, Sheffield, S4

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