Marketing Expert Discusses Importance of Finding the Proper Market Niche

Released on = August 28, 2007, 8:22 pm

Press Release Author = G. A. Harrison

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = Targeting a Market Provides the Most Cost Efficient Method
to Reach Customers

Press Release Body = Finding your niche is often the difference between success and
failure in online marketing. This is the subject of a recent article "The
Importance of Finding Your Niche" by successful internet marketer and online
marketing consultant G. A. Harrison.

"Small marketers, such as stay at home moms, simply can't afford to compete against
online giants if they play by their rules. Instead, the work at home parent or
other small online business owner has to play the game by a different set of rules."

This means, according to Harrison, tightly defining and marketing to a specific
market or finding your niche. "What may seem like a small market at first glance
can be huge when marketing online. Start by marketing to groups of prospective
customers that you have an affinity with, people like yourself. It's far easier to
build a relationship with people that you have something in common with."

Harrison cites several examples that he uses in his own online businesses. "I
market to groups such as stay at home parents (also known as WAHM's). Why? Because
I'm a work at home parent myself. I also market to parents who are concerned about
paying for their children's educations. My oldest son just started college and I
have two more following right behind."

The importance of focusing your marketing efforts on relatively small niches cannot
be underestimated. Focusing your message in a way that appeals to your target
market will greatly increase the probability of your success.

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