Online Communities To Virally Grow Your Audience And Business

Released on = August 3, 2007, 5:21 am

Press Release Author = Dhanushka Fernando/Ekwa

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Before explaining the ways and means of how online
communities can help grow a website's audience and business, lets focus on what an
online community is and how it is built.

Press Release Body = An online community is built when a group of people, who meet
on the net for a common cause. This could be based on any interest - business,
travel, global warming, music, movies etc. Online or virtual communities help
promote and communicate a common message to thousands in their community, all at the
same time.

The prime purpose of an online community would be to create an interactive place and
for any given interest. For instance the members of a business community have the
ability to converse, argue, inform, and improve their day to day business routines
and discuss new ideas. This allows a person to stay updated and ahead in their
professions, interests and crafts. Today online communities are very popular among
the younger generation; they have communities for entertainment, gaming, music,
instruments, and even dating. Online communities keep expanding everyday, as you
will see people latching on to new interests everyday and become part of their
interested community.

"Word of Mouth' marketing is rated as the best form of advertising according to many
marketing gurus. Online communities are one of the very few systems that use this
technique to increase their population and market their brand. With features such as
'tell a friend', 'testimonials', 'articles' and the common chain mail, online
communities are able to attract new people and get them enrolled into their system.
Thus, they have a ready made audience at anytime. One online community that is
dedicated to helping small and medium site companies grow is They are
a business community that is offering business websites to work at home
entrepreneurs, helping them communicate and discuss issues with experienced or like
minded people.

Web Site =

Contact Details = 54 horizon street,
Brampton, Ontario, l6p2j2,
Ph: 1-416-222-2400

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