Outsource Data Processing and Outsourcing services to India

Released on = August 28, 2007, 6:22 am

Press Release Author = Biswaroop Todi

Industry = Accounting

Press Release Summary = Outsource to India and keep your profit margin high. With
lower wages (our employees make a decent living for India) and high quality work,
outsource to India to solve all your project budgeting needs.

Press Release Body = Work2india.com provide facility for Data Entry and processing,
Data conversion , Form processing, PDF conversion, CAD drafting and designing,
Bookkeeping and accounting services, payroll processing, Insurance form processing,
OCR scanning, Internet services, directory submission services, back office
processing and outsourcing services with Quality Work and Accuracy.
At work2india.com we are the leading competitor when it comes to offshore outsource
to India companies. We enjoy the work we do for you. Data entry and data conversion
are our major services that you can outsource to India. Using our company is more
beneficial to your business because you only need pay us once. If you hire a data
entry staff person you not only pay them to do the work but you also pay them to
make their mistakes and fix them. When you outsource to India the work is done and
if mistakes are made you have already paid us so we will not charge you for our

Web Site = http://www.work2india.com

Contact Details = P-100 laketown block-A, +91 9830170858, info@work2india.com

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