Poland needs specialists for its special situation

Released on = August 9, 2007, 9:57 am

Press Release Author = Purcon Poland

Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = Almost three years after Poland joined the European Union,
the dust is still settling on the country's labour market, where radical change has
created special challenges for the foreign investors who are looking to benefit from
the booming economy, as well as for the companies that have already set up shop in
the former communist land.

Press Release Body = One clear trend to emerge in the aftermath of EU accession,
which prompted a flight of Poles to search for work in other member countries, is
the increasing need for specialists to help firms compete in the union's biggest new
market. Now foreign investors need to adjust to a new reality in which the best
candidates may no longer be found by traditional means.

According to Andrzej Pieniazek, Head of Operations at Purcon, Poland, a new approach
to recruitment is needed. 'Poland still offers outstanding opportunities for
business investment,' he says, 'but the search for the right candidates has become
more complex.'

Purcon, the leader in permanent recruitment and interim management in Procurement
and Supply Chain for more than 30 years, opened its Warsaw office in May, 2006 to
extend its reach into Europe. With its nationwide network of capable consultants, it
is uniquely placed to help international companies target the highly-skilled Polish

Andrzej Pieniazek says the situation has changed since foreign businesses first
flocked to the country to tap into the exciting new market at the heart of
continental Europe. Then, its workforce was young, high skilled and low-cost. Since
EU accession, however, wages have risen as Poles have realized that their market
value may be higher than their salaries. There has also been a mass exodus of its
workers in lower paid professions to other EU labour markets.

Nevertheless, Poland still offers outstanding opportunities for business and
investment: 38 million consumers are driving an annual 10% rise in its GDP and the
country is ranked fifth in the top 10 global investment destinations. With 52% of
the population under 35 and two million of those in higher education, its future
prospects are excellent.

To benefit from these opportunities, says Andrzej Pieniazek, new investors and those
that already have a manufacturing or distributing base in the country need to adjust
their recruitment strategy. Purcon advises on how to avoid the pitfalls of hiring in
a market where demand for specialists now exceeds supply. This includes planning
recruitment drives well in advance, and remaining aware of rising wages and limited

Andrzej Pieniazek says it's crucial that companies seeking specialists in Supply
Chain, Logistics, Procurement and Manufacturing seek expert rather than generalist
advice. In addition to traditional recruitment, Purcon now offers interim management
services in Supply Chain at very competitive rates.

But the biggest challenge for foreign investors lies in looking beyond the low-cost
labour factor to appreciate the other attractions of doing business in Poland.

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