Released on = August 6, 2007, 11:02 pm

Press Release Author = Bharat Book Bureau

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = With most shipping companies cash-rich and global demand for
shipping high, shiprepair yards have little to worry about in the short to medium
term. Or have they?
Drivers and influences on shiprepair demand
The ship conversion market
Shiprepair facilities - the supply side of the equation
Shiprepair and maintenance costs and economics
Industry issues Shipyard agents
This ought to be a healthy time for shiprepairers...
Owners lately have been more concerned with minimising off-hire time than repair costs
Owners have working vessels to the maximum and deferred class-dictated repair time
to maximum permitted time allowances
Voyage repairs and other maintenance work may be being deferred to a later date
Newbuild prices are high potentially creating increased demand for ship conversions
But on the other hand...
The demand side of the equation, has not been typical in recent years particularly
with high growth in China and India. Any economic downturns in China could spell
disaster for most shipping sectors. Low levels of demolition coupled with fleets
having to absorb high numbers of newbuilds.
Like all sectors, shiprepair is conditioned by the interplay of:
Underlying costs and economics
Market-affecting issues and external influences

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