Released on = August 21, 2007, 1:20 pm

Press Release Author = Dhanushka Fernando

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Testimonials, we all see & read it in some form or another,
online as well as offline. So what is a testimonial exactly? Well in short it's a
tribute by an end user to anything that it can be applicable. Testimonials have an
uncanny knack of directly increasing sales & attract prospects rather than drive
them away as it is one of the most effective advertising techniques used today.

Press Release Body = It's also good to see how your marketed product is doing out in
the real world. Testimonials will give your advertising a kick start but also it
helps the vendor or marketer to better develop a product as per suggestions &
complaints you receive. Testimonials also help to convince other online commuters
that would rather not go after any online products. No advertising just good
marketing just snatched another customer.

Getting customer testimonials is not as easy as it sounds, you need a community to
interact with your product/business. World Wide Web, the biggest audience that the
market can offer is a perfect way to get the cream of all testimonials, & what a
better gate way to get through to that audience than through ekwa (www.ekwa.com).

So what is this ekwa? Well ekwa offers some attractive online marketing features.
This is on top of the free web site that you can have as your own, customize content
at your own luxury & also have access to the ekwa community. The perfect way to get
testimonials is simply get online users interacting with your business. Once you
enter the world of ekwa, the lack of interactivity with your products & business
will be a thing of the past as through utilization of blogs, articles, and forums or
simply by inviting your friends to visit your web site testimonials will be flooding
in uncontrollably. To have your very own web site, be able to manage it utilizing
the latest in technology & having the best marketing tools to expose your product or
business to is amazing to have this all handed to you for free is even more amazing.
So why wait now with ekwa Lite you can create the comprehensive free viral marketing
website at www.ekwa.com

Web Site = http://www.ekwalabs.com

Contact Details = Dhanushka Fernando
Media and Client Marketing Manager
ekwa Labs
Email : dhanushka@ekwa.com
Web : www.ekwalabs.com, www.ekwa.com

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