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Released on = August 17, 2007, 8:42 pm

Press Release Author = expressregalo

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = When it comes to happy Filipino fast food, only one names
come into mind and
that\'s Jollibee.

Press Release Body = For the last couple of decades, kids from all over the
Philippines have been
going to one fast food restaurant, enjoying the food, the sound, the smell
and the feel of its environment. Those kids from way back are now adults and
now they take their kids to this one restaurant and letting them feel the
same joy they felt when they were kids in Jollibee. The Jollibee Food
Corporation has been serving the Filipino people for the last couple of
decades with one thing in mind, the smile of their customers, especially the
kids who come to them for their food. What else could be better for the
heart than hearing and seeing happy children eating, playing, laughing and
smiling without a care for the world, with this in mind the Jollibee Food
Corporation continually strives for the best service they can provide to
keep those precious smiles on the face of those lovely children. Fortunately
the Jollibee Food Corporation has been blessed with the opportunity to
create foods that people love to eat filling their appetite and their hearts
with joy, not only that but this gave rise to many jobs that feed the
family of Jollibee Food Corporation employees so it\'s a win-win situation
all around. With foods like the Jolly Hotdog, Burger Yum, Pancit Palabok and
other treats, each item is given a unique Filipino taste taking it apart
from the taste of other fast foods in the market. So come to Jollibee Food
Corporation now and give it a taste.Visit now for
your orders.

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Contact Details = 34654

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