Video Product Descriptions to Drive E-Commerce Revenue

Released on = August 31, 2007, 11:56 am

Press Release Author = Thanks Darling

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Thanks Darling provide experience days and flying
experiences including ballooning and helicopter flights.

Press Release Body = FISH ISLAND, London - Aug 2nd, 2007 - E-Commerce experts agree
that the lack of personal touch is a continuing barrier to online shopping for many
people. is addressing this challenge by providing videotaped
product descriptions designed to help visitors feel more inclined to click the order

"At we've found that online e-commerce videos grab and hold our
customers' attention better than any other advertising medium we've tried for far,"
according to Janette Vince, Managing Director of Thanksdarling Ltd., a U.K.-based
company offering unusual and one-of-a-kind gifts and experience day gifts through
its website

"I firmly believe video advertisements will be the next big online marketing
medium," Vince added. She points to Google's efforts at expanding its video searches
as proof.

Online video capability is especially valuable for the visually impaired who
oftentimes have trouble fully appreciating products they cannot see online. With
online videotape they can now hear product and service descriptions.

To see and hear the difference TV style presentations make on a website offering
visit Or for more
information contact Janette Vince.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Janette Vince, Managing Director

Thanksdarling Ltd.

Tel: 0870 606 66 66
Fax: 0870 241 46 96

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