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Released on: September 8, 2007, 1:31 am

Press Release Author: Bharat Book Bureau

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: Container Freight Rate Insight market intelligence is a
unique, continuous source of market freight rates backed by a database of average
freight rates representing millions of dollars of transactions made by freight

Press Release Body: Bharat Book Bureau, a leading market information distributor has
tabled a report -
Container Freight Rate Insight ("")
Container Freight Rate Insight market intelligence is a unique, continuous source of
market freight rates backed by a database of average freight rates representing
millions of dollars of transactions made by freight forwarders. The data comes from
active freight forwarders in Asia, Europe and the United States, who provide it
The interactive database allows you to :
. Obtain the region-to-region or port-to-port freight rate benchmarks for a
particular origin/destination destination over a particular period
. Download the updated weekly rate benchmarks (current and historical) for the
Product Description
The Container Freight Rate Insight is a bi-monthly publication containing a unique,
continuous source of market freight rates.

Whereas the dry bulk and tanker shipping sectors have transparent market prices and
indices, competitive container shipping freight rates have traditionally been opaque
to market participants and to financial institutions involved in liner shipping,
particularly since the withdrawal of liner conferences from their former joint
price-setting role.

However, following requests from shippers, it has created 150 sets of port
region-to-port region container freight rate benchmarks, together with regional and
global freight rate indices

What the freight rate benchmarks and indices are:

The bi-monthly port-to-port and region-to-region rate benchmarks are US dollar-based
averages of container freight rate benchmarks between specific port pairs or
sub-region pairs (for example, South China to US East Coast); rate benchmarks for
150 "port pairs" or "sub-region pairs" are provided;

The bi-monthly rate indices are US dollar-based weighted averages of multiple
container freight rate benchmarks, aggregated by major region (Europe and the US)
and for the two major regions combined;

The weekly rate benchmarks for the transpacific are US dollar-based averages,
minimums and maximums of five monitored carriers' eastbound container freight rates
from Hong Kong to Los Angeles and New York.

The rate benchmarks represent spot market rates for Full Container Loads charged by
freight forwarders for a particular month or week. They are affected by seasonal and
short-term supply-demand factors, notably by the peak season in the trades from

Benefits of the Container Freight Rate Insight:

Container Freight Rate Insight will provide rates that are actually being paid by
other companies on the same route. While This cannot disclose specific company
information for confidentiality reasons, the rate information which you will obtain
will provide an insight into how well your company is doing when it comes to the
negotiation of freight rates.

For carriers, the average Container Freight Rate Insight will enable you to
benchmark your average rates on specific port pairs against the latest forwarder
market freight rates, which cover business with multiple carriers and are indicative
of average market rates. The benchmarks will also provide market intelligence for
studies on new routes or ports.

For financial analysts and market analysts, the Container Freight Rate Insight and
the freight rate indices finally remove the secrecy and lack of transparency which
has surrounded container freight rates until now. The benchmarks and indices will
enable you to track changes in the market and identify key indicators of the health
of the container shipping industry.

The Container Freight Rate Insight is a subscription-based publication. These
complement the Container Shipper Insight, a quarterly publication launched in
February 2006. The Container Freight Rate Insight costs 750 a year, for 6
bi-monthly PDF reports and access .
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