CrypticThinking com Posts New Evidence to Support Ancient Astronaut Theory

Released on: September 6, 2007, 9:01 pm

Press Release Author: morten

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Archaeological depictions of an aquatic alien and a review of
theological texts now join cryptological studies to focus on a single ancient
astronaut of the late sixth century A.D.

Press Release Body: Ancient astronaut theory died several decades ago when
archaeologists demonstrated that primitive humans could have constructed large stone
edifices without extraterrestrial help, but it may have been a premature death.
Morten St. George, creator of the In Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence website
and author of cryptology book A Guide to Cryptic Thinking, has a way of seeing
things in a different light, and a knack for uncovering new evidence. looks at a single ancient astronaut possibility for clues on
where to search for extraterrestrial life. Website pages concentrate on a lone space
traveler of the Dark Ages, deemed to have made overt contact with humans in the
Andean region of South America and covert contact with Mohammad and with Judaic
scholars in the Near East.
Online evidence of Andean contact now includes archaeological engravings of the
alleged alien from the Tiwanaku civilization in Bolivia. St. George argues that
these engravings are depicting an aquatic creature with helmeted spacesuit and with
hand-held devices that gave it the ability to fly freestyle through the air. St.
George also attributes the Nazca Lines (same time period) to the same ancient
astronaut and he reproduces an Andean Sun Disk, allegedly based on an alien
artifact, a cosmological piece that depicts aquatic aliens and its spaceship while
alluding to evolution, a parallel universe, and speed-of-light time travel.
St. George bases his evidence of simultaneous contact in the Near East on two Judaic
Kabbalah texts (the Sefer Yetzirah and the unverified Revelations of Elijah) and the
Islamic Koran, theorizing that parts of the Revelations survived for translation and
inclusion in a book of prophecies published by Nostradamus in the sixteenth century.
However, it is hardly of question of the three theological works referring to the
alien. St. George concludes that the alien directly authored all three in the sixth
century to influence the course of human history. He provides extensive theological
and cryptological evidence.

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