First for San Francisco Bay Area - African American Woman CEO Receives Funding to Launch Full Multi-Media TV Production Company

Released on: September 12, 2007, 4:12 pm

Press Release Author: Pat Bigliardi/Spirit Filled Productions, Inc.

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Minority CEO Discovers Funding For Multi-Media /TV
Productions Firm Easier Than Anticipated

Press Release Body: SFP/Spirit Filled Production, Inc. of San Jose, California,
announced they recently received funding to launch their expanded 360marketing and
full-service multi-media/ TV production agency. Margaret Jackson, SFP CEO is the
first African American woman to head such a San Francisco Bay Area organization.

Equipped to provide clients with cost-effective, "one-stop" creative services, SFP
started as a sole proprietorship in 2001 "SFP also provides consulting,
liaison/agent services, and seminars for mega-churches, corporations, and emerging
businesses," says Tracy List, Jackson's Executive Assistant.

Although it became apparent that they needed to expand their facilities and
capabilities to meet their client's needs, Jackson was concerned her minority status
might affect her ability to receive funding.

When Jackson first approached the financial community she was encouraged by the
tremendous help they received. "I was impressed with how they guided us through the
process step-by-step," says Jackson.

Jackson encourages women who want to start their own businesses to do so. Convinced
women have a competitive edge in business because of their ability to give attention
to detail, to multi-task, yet maintain a global perspective; traits she believes are
very important in the media production field.

Jackson says she was fortunate to find her career early in life. Although there are
few women executives in the media production arena, more are joining the ranks each
day, Jackson has never regretted her decision. "Each day has brought new challenges
and great satisfaction."

For additional information on the launch of SFP/Spirit Filled Productions, Inc. a
360 marketing and full service media agency, contact Pat Bigliardi or visit to receive an award-winning demo of the services of SFP, Inc.

Web Site:

Contact Details: 4423 Fortran Court, Suite 130
San Jose, California 95234
Phone: 408-262-4659
FAX: 408-262-4661

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