Internet blogger faces $25 million lawsuit for trying to promote justice

Released on: September 10, 2007, 10:28 pm

Press Release Author: Rich Bergeron

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Fight News Unlimited Writer and Editor Rich Bergeron has been
hit with a bogus lawsuit charging him with defamation for a series of investigative
reports he wrote about Xyience, Inc. that detailed the company founder\'s corrupt
history and the mounting lawsuits filed against the company.


Rich Bergeron started Fight News Unlimited ( in March of
2007 through efforts that began with a MySpace page devoted to covering combat
sports. He has since built a reputation as someone who is continuously trying to
help others by providing free networking services and exposure to some of the more
obscure names in the sport.

Bergeron is also responsible for producing an in-depth investigative report on
Xyience, Inc. (a major sponsor of the Ultimate Fighting Championships) that exposed
the company's mounting legal issues and Xyience Founder Russell Pike's criminal
history. Over the course of his investigation he cultivated numerous inside sources,
repeatedly sought interviews from company personnel with limited success, and
produced several stories outlining the depth of the questionable behavior going on
at the company.

At one point a Xyience official contacted Bergeron with an offer of a free plane
ticket for him to come out to Las Vegas and get a grand tour of the facilities, meet
UFC fighters, and secure an interview with UFC President Dana White. He refused for
fear of opening himself up to any conflict of interest and also due to the death
threats he heard about.

Months passed and Bergeron's evidence mounted. He produced a few more stories, and
then Xyience finally decided to sue for defamation. Though their case was weak and
full of holes, the company secured a preliminary injunction in the case. Bergeron's
motion challenging jurisdiction was also denied recently.

Bergeron has no choice now but to ask for help, advice, and any resources anyone can
provide to help him battle this corporation's legal team. He has started a blog
about the lawsuit at: and the entire
series can be seen at

Rich Bergeron is a graduate of Norwich University's Corps of Cadets program and an
experienced reporter with over five years of newspaper experience. He has never even
been accused of making any false claims in any previous story after writing
thousands of articles so far in his career. His impeccable character stands in stark
contrast to those he has investigated in his series and those who continue to launch
cowardly, anonymous attacks against him in the comment section of his stories.
Bergeron has always put his name on everything he's written.

Bergeron is looking to mount a grassroots effort that will show Xyience and other
big corporations that they can't hide the truth and push people around who know the
truth just because they have money. This is America where Freedom of Speech is
supposed to count for something. If you wish to help please forward this release on
to everyone in your email contact list, make a donation at Bergeron's blog, or email with any suggestions or points of advice. Please feel
free to contact any media outlet you know of that might have an interest in covering
this story as well. This case has serious implications for bloggers everywhere.
Thanks in advance for any support you can offer. Don't let a good man suffer for
doing his job.

Rich Bergeron
Fight News Unlimited

Web Site:

Contact Details: Rich Bergeron
43 Longhill Drive
East Sandwich, MA 02537

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