The `HustleEarners` Empire Established in 2006 by Romane Orlando `young` Robb

Released on: September 13, 2007, 8:29 pm

Press Release Author: \"HustleEarners\" Empire

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Come to our website and check us out you won\'t be
dissappointed in what we have to offere i assure you.

Press Release Body: "HustleEarners" Empire was Established in 2004 by Founder Romane
Orlando Robb. Romane added his business partner Demba Fall to the Company in the
year 2006 because they had some of the same dreams and shared some of the same ideas
of building the company. "HustleEarners" Empire has five MAJOR Departments. #1 is
The "Hustling Magician" clothing Company which is an Apparel Line based largely on
the Urban/Hip Hop/Casual/Stylish community. The Clothing Company is so limited that
each design has only 1000 pieces per country. Romane wanted it that way to preserve
the Exclusivity of the brand. #2 would be DollaKingRecords Record Label which is an
Independent Record Label which was Established back in 2004 when Romane Orlando Robb
released "Young Robb's Born Ready The Un-Official Mixtape" which was recorded with
half a broken headphone used as a microphone. The Record label majors in Hip
Hop/Rap/R&B/Punk Rock and much more different Genres in music. #3 would be the
"HustleEarners" Major Motion Pictures Productions also known as (H.E.M.M.P.P) which
has main writer Romane Orlando Robb who writes movies, Plays, TV Shows, etc and
produced them under (H.E.M.M.P.P). #4 would be The "HustleEarners" Book Publishing
Club where aspiring writers and new authors get to express themselves also get to
communicate and network with people who share their craft in that are of expertise.
#5 which is the last of the MAJOR five is The "Underground Source" Magazine and
Comic Book Company which creates original comics and a magazine which talks about
The "HustleEarners" Empire , Fashion, Sports, Technology, News, etc. "HustleEarners"
empire also has a few minor companies under its wing. #1 in that department would be
the B.C League which stands for The Basketball Champions League) which is a
basketball league created by Romane Orlando Robb which contains 30 teams and takes
place in The United States of America. #2 on the list is the Skate Warriorz which is
a skate team created by Romane Orlando Robb and Demba Fall. The skate team ranges
from skate boards to roller blades to so on. Romane and Demba are always planning
new ideas so stay tuned to these two guys who are going to make a huge difference to
the society.Every year Romane Orlando "Young" Robb and Demba Yeum Fall takes 10%
from the major five companies under The "HustleEarners" Empire and donates it to
their charity which is called The "HustleEarners" Empire Charity Club. The Charity
club was established to provide homes for the homeless feed the poor and fund
education for those who cannot afford it.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Romane Orlando Robb, 249-24 145th Avenue Rosedale New York 11422

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