The Ultimate Business NLP Training Course Is Final

Released To The Market

Released on: September 20, 2007, 2:15 pm

Press Release Author: Rintu Basu

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: After eight years of development The NLP Company have
launched the new generation of NLP training courses to astounding success for the href=\"\">NLP Scotland business community.

Press Release Body: Dave Ross of SEO Scotland says \"I was on a standard NLP
Practitioner course four years ago and it just seemed like a collection of fancy
tricks that I had no use for. The NLP Company course I attended recently gave me
tools I can use immediately. In fact I have had a 400% increase in sales from one
website alone.\"

The NLP Company have taken a new approach to NLP skills development. By looking at
how to cope with stress situations, accelerated learning and hypnotic persuasion
skills the new slant on NLP Skills development is producing great results.

Rintu Basu, Director and Head of Research for The NLP Company says \"The course has
been a long time in development. We wanted something that stands apart from the
usual NLP practitioner courses for counsellors and therapists. What we have now are
some elements that make this course head and shoulders above the norm, using
conversational and covert hypnosis for influencing as well as accelerating learning
and being able to perform under pressure. But the proof is in the results that our
graduates are creating for themselves.\"

John Middleton, a recent graduate states \"After banging my head against a wall
trying to progress my career it was astounding how quickly things progressed after
the course. The week after I finished the course I changed my CV and instantly got
interviews for the next three jobs I applied for. During interview I used all the
hypnotic persuasion tactics I learnt and got offered two out of the three positions.
This was after three years of constant rejection. The skills I now have are

The NLP Company is now launching these courses on to a world wide market.

The NLP Company provides href=\"\">NLP
training courses for business applications of NLP, Hypnosis and Psychological
Skills. The leading provider of NLP Scotland
they provide certified courses to a world wide market.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Rintu Basu
Director and Head of Research and Development
The NLP Company
St Georges Building
5 St Vincent Place

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