Users judge websites in 50 milliseconds

Released on: September 26, 2007, 4:04 am

Press Release Author: Jared T.

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: Reveals how users form snap judgment on businesses based on
the appearance of their websites

Press Release Body: Chicago, Illinois, 9-26-2007 Although previously believed to be
impossible to make a judgment call in such short amounts of time, recent research
conducted by a Canadian team of researchers proves otherwise. In as quick as 50
milliseconds (the blink of an eye), volunteers who were shown glimpses of websites,
were able to rate them on a scale of aesthetic appeal.

StartPal, LLC co-founder Victor Armani comments on how important this information is
for businesses. "It really shows that in today's world, we have an extremely
impatient and judgmental audience. The best thing you can do is to be receptive to
this research in order to be effective in your marketing efforts." Armani
recommends that businesses spend most of their efforts on the home page, which is
the first page most people will see, and therefore form a first impression of.
"It's equivalent to walking into a job interview; they say the first 3 seconds are
worth more than the entire interview. Your first impression is the most crucial
aspect of your business to people who are visiting for the first time, so you should
take the steps to make sure you're looking as good as you can be."

StartPal, LLC is a company that helps businesses hold the attention of their online
audience longer. An article on the 50 millisecond judgment written by Armani reveals
tips, such as "limiting the number of calls to action you have on your home page."
Visit for more information about how to understand and interpret the
research about the 50 millisecond judgment.

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