When Heaven Opens - Discovering the Power of Divine Encounters

Released on: September 5, 2007, 4:35 pm

Press Release Author: Lucas Ministries

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: When Heaven Opens by Lucas Sherraden, co-authored by Graham
Cooke - Book Release

Press Release Body: Lucas is the senior leaders of Abiding Life Christian
Fellowship, a vibrant church family in Southwest Houston, Texas. Father of four
lively kids and husband to Bobbi, a talented musician, Lucas is leading a
congregation that is pressing in to the Lord Jesus and embracing the apostolic
transition that is rapidly coming upon His people - an exhilarating adventure,

A mainline denominational preacher since the age of 16, Lucas has come to consider
Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Lance Wallnau and Graham Cooke among his most significant
spiritual mentors.

In vocational ministry for more than twenty years and hungry for more of Jesus,
Lucas began traveling with Randy Clark\'s Global Awakening to Brazil where, on a trip
in 2005, his life was revolutionized by a Divine Encounter with the King, Himself.
This profound encounter, involving an angel, a sword, an immersion in fire, the
Lion\'s soundless roar, and a glimpse of the Risen Savior, has become central to
Lucas\' life message. His hope-restoring message invites every believer to believe
that supernatural experiences are accessible.

Co-authored by Graham Cooke, \"When Heaven Opens\" is the story of how a conservative,
plain-spoken, mainline denominational preacher started interacting with angels and
other supernatural realities. It contains a message of hope that the \"rank and file\"
believer can partake of, and appropriately process, supernatural realities.

Lucas offers a rare and practical perspective on such supernatural realities,
namely, that third heaven revelation can, and must, be digested within the context
of a spiritual family, in love, friendship and accountable relationships.

This book comprises the details of Lucas\' experience in Brazil, and how he is
walking out the aftereffects of a \"suddenly of God!\" This encounter is sparking hope
and belief that we all might also partake of God\'s \"suddenlies.\" Lucas\' focus on
processing such experiences in humility and relationship is encouraging to church
leaders so that they can pastor intensely spiritual champions who are accountable
and humble people.

Web Site: http://www.lucasministries.com

Contact Details: Lucas Ministries
4133 Bluebonnet Drive
Stafford, TX 77477
(281) 565-6405

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