2008 BILLIONAIRES LIST published

Released on: October 17, 2007, 2:34 pm

Press Release Author: Ben Campbell

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: BILLIONAIRES LIST makes communication with billionaires
easy. Complete \"contact information\" for billionaires.

Press Release Body: The all new 2008 BILLIONAIRES LIST has just been published
and recorded on a standard-sized (square) computer diskette. Ready for use on your
desktop computer.
The diskette gives exclusive \"contact information\" for U.S. billionaires. Based
on the 2007 FORBES 400 every billionaire indexed also has their corporate mailing
addresses and telephone numbers listed on the recording.
The 2008 Edition (4th Annual Edition) makes available 4 NEW computer diskette
4) Index to the 2007 FORBES 400

Now business executives can communicate with billionaires with little problem. All
you have to do is insert the diskette in your disc-drive, open the file, and there
you have it: the addresses and telephone numbers of U.S. Billionaires. It\'s that
easy have the required information to communicate with billionaires.
(Persons who order the BILLIONAIRES LIST must meet certain qualifications). One: a
criminal background check is made on each person who orders (At publishers
expense). Other qualification are required when ordering.
This is really the best way to communicate with billionaires. And, the easiest, too.
The 2008 BILLIONAIRES LIST (which is copyrighted information) is an ideal
reference for financial planners, investment advisors, security brokerage
executives, investment bankers, corporate board of director members, chairman of
the board, investment bankers, venture capitalists, merger/acquisition advisors,
corporate investor relation executives, financial editors, swiss bankers, and/or
anyone who needs or wants to communicate with billionaires.
The 1st Annual Edition of the BILLIONAIRES LIST was published in 2003, indexed 193
billionaires. Copies are still available. The ALL NEW 2008 Edition (4th Annual
Edition) indexes 400 billionaires.
The Publisher BEN Campbell is available to speak at Universities on the subject of
billionaires. In Ben\'s speeches Ben explains why so may U.S. Billionaires resemble
European Royalties. For example, if you see a picture of Robson Walton you think
you are seeing Prince Hans Adam Liechtenstains twin brother. In fact, all of the
Walton family resembles the Liechtenstein Family, but, so does the Mellon Family,
the Rockefeller Family,(even Teddy Roosevelt resembles members of the
Liechtenstein Family) and so does several other superrich families. When you see a
picture of Michael Dell you think you are seeing the twin brother of Prince Alois
Liechtenstein. Larry Ellison looks exactly like Luxembourg Grand Duke Henry.
Warren Buffett looks a lot like Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg. Bill Gates looks a
lot like Queen Elizabeth. What does this all mean? It means that they are the same
mixture of nationality and have nothing to do with each other. However, Ben\'s
speeches are interesting to listen too.
The 2008 SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST is scheduled for publication in January 2008.
The 2008 (US) BILLIONAIRES LIST is recorded on a standard-sized computer diskette
and are now available from the BILLIONAIRES WEBSITES.
For additional information visit the website at URL: www.billionaires.00cash.com

URL: www.billionaires.00cash.com

Web Site: http://www.billionaires.00cash.com

Contact Details: Ben Campbell
Email: billionaires@email.com

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