Mount Carmel Youth Ranch Helps Teens in Trouble

Released on: October 29, 2007, 7:47 pm

Press Release Author: Susan George

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: Mount Carmel Youth Ranch Helps struggling teen turn his life
around. Catholic residential program gives tools to overcome teen problems.

Press Release Body: \"Joseph\" came to Mount Carmel Youth Ranch in May of 1999. He was
15 years old. He had been a model student and son, everyone\'s friend. In junior high
he began to drink in the youth culture, mix with the wrong crowd and rebel against
his parents. After being an honors student, on the soccer team, and in student
government, he found himself kicked out of the public school in his ninth grade
year, having been caught with a knife at school. He had become depressed and was
engaged in some amount of self-mutilation. He went from being an A and B student to
getting D\'s and F\'s in some subjects. With the \"help\" of a girl friend, he started
running away and turned against his family, school authorities, and his faith. He
found himself in a dark place and began to contemplate suicide with his girl friend.
Joseph and his family were truly in a place of despair.
His Mother said, "We wondered where our son had gone, who had abducted him and
replaced him with this impostor. We tried boarding schools and counselors, but
the problems only seemed to worsen. We had heard of Mount Carmel Youth Ranch
through close friends who knew the founders of Mount Carmel. We decided to try it
because we thought we were going to lose our son forever."
Mt. Carmel made a radical difference in Joseph\'s life. Within a matter of a month,
Joseph went from being a depressed and angry young man to becoming a motivated and
enthusiastic student of horses. He found a connection, a strong bond, in the animals
and in nature. It triggered something powerful in Joseph that all could see early
on. Through his new love of horses, riding, and the cowboy culture, Joseph grew in
his confidence in himself, hope for his future, and reconciliation toward his
parents. He began to take more of an active interest in others, in his faith, in
school. He received mostly straight A\'s, graduated from high school a year early,
developed a strong sense of self and of his leadership skills. He has become a man
through hard work and healthy relationships. In school he became and self-motivated
to study.
The benefits of Mount Carmel are not to be found in Joseph alone, but in his
relationship with his family, with his parents and siblings. The experience of Mount
Carmel has spilled over into Joseph\'s family and has provided an example of
strength, hope and love to all.
His mother concludes, "We brought Joseph to Mount Carmel because we wanted our son
back, and although it cost us the loss of his presence at home, we received back our
son as a man whose gifts have flourished. He has had a couple of setbacks as young
men on their own will, but he has stayed the course and embraced the duties that
come with freedom and independence. We are incredibly proud of him and profoundly
grateful to Mount Carmel for their loving and professional approach with our child
and his education."

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