AST Sports Science Releases BETA-X

Released on: November 19, 2007, 8:57 am

Press Release Author: AST Sports Science

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Train Harder, Heavier, and Longer with AST Sports Science\'s
Patented BETA-X

Press Release Body:
Golden, Colorado. November 6, 2007 -- AST Sports Science introduces BETA-X - a new
breakthrough performance supplement designed to push the level of athletic
performance beyond the boundaries. BETA-X is a patented formulation (US Patent
Numbers: 5,965,596; 6,172,098B1; 6,426,361B2) using a special beta-alanine substrate
in an innovative time-release delivery system. BETA-X could possibly be the most
important performance supplement to hit the market in fifteen years, or quite

How new BETA-X works:

BETA-X contains the naturally occurring amino acid beta-alanine that is the
precursor to a critically important di-peptide called carnosine. Carnosine is a
critical amino acid in muscle tissue, most notably in fast twitch muscle fibers (the
muscle fibers responsible for size and strength), with it\'s primary function being
to buffer hydrogen ions (H+). Hydrogen ions are the nasty by-products of muscle
contraction that cause that \"burning\" sensation when you lift. The same burning
sensation that ultimately leads to muscle failure and forces you to stop a set. The
more intensely you train the more hydrogen ions that are generated in muscle. With
BETA-X's ability to significantly increase fast twitch muscle fiber carnosine
concentrations you have this dramatic increase in H+ buffering during training. This
allows you to delay muscle fatigue. You are able to lift more weight for more reps.
You recuperate faster between sets, you recuperate faster between workouts and you
build more lean muscle and more strength. And to add a little more icing on this
cake, BETA-X also increases carnosine in slow twitch muscle fibers for greater
aerobic muscular endurance. You can run and cycle faster for longer!

Using BETA-X is easy and very effective:

Introducing BETA-X into you daily supplement program is easy. It\'s a simple two
phase process that ensures rapid and optimum carnosine levels in muscle tissue.

Phase 1 - Muscle Tissue Saturation Phase

Week 1 through 4 take 2 BETA-X caplets 3 times per day (every 4 to 6 hours).

Phase 2 - Muscle Tissue Support Phase

Week 5 and beyond - take one (1) BETA-X caplet 3 times per day (every 4 to 6 hours).

BETA-X works very fast. You will begin to experience less muscle fatigue from the
very first day you start BETA-X. Within a week poundage and reps will go up.
Recovery between sets will be almost instantaneous and recovery between workouts
will be rapid and complete. As the weeks go by you\'ll consistently lift more weight
for more reps - building more muscle faster. BETA-X carries on the tradition of a
long line of AST Sports Science supplements - scientifically proven supplements that

About AST Sports Science

AST Sports Science is a sports nutrition research and development company dedicated
to advancing the effectiveness of sports supplementation and exercise through
scientific research and real world application. AST Sports Science is committed to
introducing new, effective, and "state-of-the-art" performance enhancing products to
the athletic community.

Media Contact:
Robyn Hansen
AST Sports Science

Web Site:

Contact Details: AST Sports Science
120 Capital Dr.
Golden, CO 80401

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